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Swing batta-batta-batta! And Lost!

The ever-amusing mctabby has a new batch of summaries up, and I had the misfortune of attempting to read them at work. It was so so hard not to laugh out loud! I have no idea why, but this one made me laugh the most:

Draco walked into the room, and was hit. "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BREAK UP WITH ME!" someone cried, before slamming the bat against his skull.

I think the all-caps makes it. I'm still laughing about it this morning!

I tried to find the link to the spoiler-picture I had seen earlier this week, but I can't find it. It was Shannon and Boone in a TOTALLY not brother-and-sister pose. Not something from last night's ep, more like a posed still shot. It was in the bedroom, Boone standing, and Shannon (seated? kneeling?) with her head resting against his crotch, a look of total want on her face. It was rather shocking. So based on that, I had figured that they weren't really brother and sister... I though they were boyfriend/girlfriend, or perhaps as someone else suggested: That Boone was her pimp.

How wrong I was.

Gah. Part of me is muchly disturbed (even if they're "only" step-siblings), and part of me is happy for the Boone/Shannon adult fanfic writers. I had never, ever thought they'd get canon confirmation. Heh. I still won't read that, no matter how canon it is. "It doesn't work for me" is a major understatement.

Locke must be the most interesting character on TV. In one ep I go from being certain that he's insane, possessed by the worst things on the island, and fully able to kill someone (Boone, likely) to thinking he's actually a harmless, helpful, trustworthy guy who wants only the best for the others.

Only one more new ep, then we're back into reruns again! Gah.

Mumble. Must have pulled a muscle in my shoulder while doing weights this morning. Shoulder burns and arm hurts. (For some reason, it was harder to do my usual weights this morning. I figured it might be because I ate so poorly yesterday, so I went and got a sandwich for breakfast today. Mmmm, real food! Oatmeal is fine, but it's not satisfying like a sandwich.) Funny how much my shoulder /burns/. Usually I get an ache or a pain, but this feels really hot. Odd.
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