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Won't somebody think of the children?!?!

The principal of a Palo Alto middle school may not invite a popular speaker back to an annual career day after he told girls they could earn a good living as strippers.

Oh my god, you mean he told teenagers the truth? What was this man thinking?!

I'm sad to see this coming out of Palo Alto (which is a 15 minute or so drive from me).

Fried has given a popular 55-minute presentation, "The Secret of a Happy Life," at the school's career day the past three years. He counsels students to experiment with a variety of interests until they discover something they love and excel in.

Heavens forbid that a girl actually likes to dance and is comfortable with taking money from men just to let them look at her. (To me, I'd think the men should be more bothered by strip clubs than woman -- paying to look and nothing else? Women getting paid just to be seen dancing? To me, it seems like men would be suckers to go there!)

Bah. A woman can be anything, stripper or exotic dancer included! Bah.
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