Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

We need more days off

Why is it the rest of the world sees the US as a bunch of slackers? At most US companies, we get a grand total of ten days off. In Japan, not only do they have many holidays, but they have things like Golden Week -- an entire week when everything is closed! As the company I work for has offices around the world, we keep getting emails saying "X country's offices will be closed on Y date for Z holiday". I swear, India is closed more than it's open!

But anyway, despite me not wanting to be here, life's not so bad. Apparently my sleepless period has ended (I got 8 hours BOTH weekend nights! And I stayed asleep almost all last night, too! Other than when the surprise in a nightmare startled me awake, but I went right back to sleep after it.) Actually sleeping is so so so nice! And it makes me better able to get through the day, too! Woo woo.

The weekend had its ups and downs. The major down came on Sunday and was FFXI-related. I swear to god, the game is on crack. I fully believe that it exists just to mess with my mind. (Non-players: Crafting is a complex thing. Success depends not just on your own skill, but (sometimes) on the moon phase and (some feel) the day and the direction you face.)

Last week: Darkday, new moon. Crafted 58 pieces of Noct armor. I got nearly 60% HQs. One failed synth with nothing lost.

This week: Darkday, new moon. Crafted 30 Noct pieces, got a grand total of 4 HQs. Failed four, three of those times lost everything.

Where the hell is the sense in that?! My skill was exactly the same (31 levels over cap on cloth, 50+ over cap on leather). Same day, same moon. Though I don't believe in such things, I even faced the same direction. WHY was there such a difference in results? It makes no sense at all, but it depressed and annoyed the hell out of me.

If I see one more "lol" on the damned LS, I'm going to lose it. It used to be that our LS had people on it who could (generally) type better than the average player, but that's long gone. Now there's so much crap on it (no punctuation, no capitalization), "lol" all over the damned place. It drives me batty. Grrr.

Know the funniest thing? When I'm at home and can play FFXI, I don't want to. When the game isn't annoying me, I have nothing to do there... but the moment I get to work, all I want to do is be home and playing. How insane is that?
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