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What a weekend. Zzzzzzz

This weekend was not the weekend I caught up on sleep in. Friday night my cat decided that we didn't need to sleep. Period. End of discussion. She kept me up all night, then finally forced me out of bed at 5 AM. 5 AM. On a Saturday morning. *died* Last night my lack of sleep was my own fault. Or FFXI's. No, wait, all mine.

In the game, for crafting and fishing, the moon phase and day of the week are important (and independent of the RL day/moon). There are only two hours about every RL week that I can do my best crafting in, and since I work and (sometimes) sleep, I often miss those two hours. One of them hit very early this morning, so my brain decided to wake me up and take advantage of it. Stupid, very stupid, but once I was awake there was no chance of me going back to sleep, so I got up and crafted. (And I am so so so so tired now. *is dead*)

Instead of Noct, I made Seer's stuff today. /I got 6 HQs out of 24 synths, which isn't as good as I would have liked, but is better than my last Noct crafting.

Unlike Noct (which is all cloth main with leather subcrafting), Seer's is all over the place. Three of the five items are cloth main with leather, one is leather main with cloth, and one is bone main with leather sub. How crazy is that!

Crown: Bone/leather. Made 4, HQed 0, failed 3. Very unsurprising got no HQs, but number of fails is surprising. The bone cap is 30 and I'm 48, so HQing chances are in the "under 31 above cap" range -- in other words, highly unlikely.

Tunic: Cloth/leather. Made 6, 1 HQed, 0 failed.

Mitts: Cloth/leather. Made 8, HQed 2. 0 failed.

Slacks: Cloth/leather. Made 6, HQed 0, failed 1. As this one had the lowest cap, it's odd I both failed one and didn't HQ at all...

Pumps: Leather/cloth. Made 6, HQed 3. With leather being the main craft, this one was easy to HQ for me.

Moon was New (2%). Darkday.

I pondered leveling bone so I could HQ the crown, but once I checked prices I found it wasn't worth it. It's the cheapest of the HQ Seer's (20K). Mitts and Tunic are the most expensive HQ pieces (50K each). Tunics cost like twice as much as mitts to make, so that's a little odd...

I've not posted screenshots in forever, so here are some!

That can't be right... (Size warning: Very large.) Check out that sky. It's almost green... I had never seen a nearly green overcast sky before, it made me a little worried that something bad was going to happen. This is where I farm cotton ("farming" meaning killing mobs and having them drop it), so I had been spending many many hours there.

However, no longer am I farming cotton! Now I'm killing Yagudos! (Aren't they highly cool looking birds?) When they die, I can take their necklaces and craft them, then sell the results. It's darned good money (at least for me, since I can HQ the hell out of the synths). While out farming, I found and killed my third ever NM! Die, Juu Duzu the Whirlwind! He only dropped Light Solea (worth about 3K), but I'm still happy to have gotten him! He's a ninja-Yag, and he did that 2 hour move (blowing himself up). That surprised the heck out of me, not because of any HP change (he missed me) but because suddenly he was gone! ...gone about three feet. :p I looked up, wondered how he got away from me, ran up, and finished killing him.

Since Yags are birds, this shouldn't have surprised me... but it did. First I laughed, then I killed him. He stayed up in the tree the whole time, even after he was dead. It was rather amusing.

Look out! He's got a bomb! No, wait, he IS a bomb! In my cotton farming area, these bombs sometimes show up. As a WHM I had to hide from them, but as a DRK I killed them! Rarrr! (Doesn't it look all scary and evil though?)

Costumes! As our Christmas (or was it New Year's?) gift, the game had "costume belts" you could win. Here I am as a bunny, while Quinton is a Mandy. Isn't Nif cute? (Sorry it's so dark, it was night out.)

As far as the eye can see... The desert is so beautiful! It's amazing how real everything in the game feels. When I stood on the cliff looking out at this scene, it really did feel like the sand went on for miles and miles and miles.

Twister! In the same desert as above. Twister! Those tornados are so cool! You can actually walk inside them and stop seeing anything but flying sand. :) Probably luckily, they don't pick you up and toss you someplace new. (Als in the picture, the random/Valor party I was in last weekend.)

Under the hot Dunes sun. The artists who made this game deserve every award in existence. Give them an Oscar! Give them a Seal of AAA Approval! Give them Breed of the Year from the Kennel Club! Even just these "average" normal views are just so wonderful. It's so cool that you could be running off to do something and have to stop to admire how beautiful everything is. :)

He's just missing a horse. Ha ha, silly undead! Losing your head!

I am the rising sun... Mmm, I love this picture of Draque. If it were of me instead of him, this would be my new wallpaper. (Size warning: Large.)

It's slashy! *waggle* And last but not least, my favorite shot of the collection! This gets all sorts of ideas going in my head. Heh heh heh. The angles of our heads are perfect; it looks like the picture was caught in the middle of some meaningful moment. (Please don't hurt me, Aurian!)
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