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Cheddar and mustard sandwiches

If asked, would you believe that a cheddar and mustard sandwich wouldn't be awful?

At lunchtime I had to run to the vet to pick up more pills for my cat, and since there's a sandwich place next to it, I ducked in to get something I could eat while driving back. Hm, my choices... "meat sandwich", "three kinds of meat sandwich", "meat sandwich with a side of meat", so I fell back on my usual and ordered a "meat sandwich, hold the meat". A cheese sandwich, basically. Only, oddly, this place had only three kinds of cheese. No American (!!!), no provolone, no cheese I really liked. So I got cheddar. And mustard. (I always get mustard on my cheese sandwiches.) As I walked out of the place, I wondered what the heck I had been thinking.

Luckily the cheddar turned out to be really, really mild, not sharp like I was expecting. As usual, they put way too much cheese on it (it's nice of sandwich places to try to make up for not giving you meat, but ick! I don't want cheese more than one or two slices thick!), but it tasted only like... mustard! So yay!

Would you believe that up until a couple years ago, I never ate mustard? I don't mean "tried it and didn't like it so don't eat it", I mean never tried it. I'm an adult, and spent all my life never having had mustard. But when I first tried it, it quickly grew on me, now I love the stuff!

Since this seems to be a food-related post, I'll mention something else: Very strangely, I find myself craving food textures instead of flavors. That's a really odd thing, as you can't go to the supermarket and look for "something with a hard outside, but when you bite through it it crumbles nicely".

And one last food-thing: If you had asked me a year ago, I would have never ever believed that I could give up all chocolate/candy/cookies/sweets. The last time I had something dessert-like was at the Christmas party here at work. And before that? Months and months earlier. However, unlike meat, I do seriously miss chocolate/cakes/sweets. I often sit and dream about going out and buying a whole chocolate cake just for me, then eating all the icing off it. :) I keep telling myself that "one day" I'll do that, but that's really just a lie to get me through that moment. Because know why? I can't eat such massive quantities of sugar anymore. The one piece of cake I had at the Christmas party left me feeling both sick to my stomach and like I was buzzing. (Sugar high, I guess?) But health/weight reasons aside, I would totally go back to living on sugar if I could. In a second.
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