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Very tired... and yet not

Zzz. Worn out, yet hyper. Odd combo. Can't concentrate on reading, so here's a post! Mostly FFXI stuff, all except the last paragraph (the "edited" part).

First off, for PokeMUSH people! The old ways live on:

It was so Pavlovian! I just couldn't resist! :p

Screenshot of the week: Sunrise on the airship. (Warning: Full sized.) Love the angle, and aren't the colors pretty? I'm the one with the scythe. :)

Our static party went to Crawler's Nest today. I hadn't ever been there before. Evil, nasty place! Throbbing "sacks" hanging from the ceilings and webbed to the walls and such. Battle scene! Though we were a little low level for the place, we did amazingly well. We were able to handle links (a second monster joining the fight), it was only when we got two links that we had trouble/deaths. But for the first time in a while, we leveled twice! It was very nice, and felt like we finally really made progress. If we have another party like this next week, Dark Knight will become my highest level job! Woo!

Evil/odd/attractive kid(?) from the Prom Mea/CoP cutecenes. I keep calling this character a kid, but that's really odd because I also think he's rather attractive... but if he's a kid... Maybe he's a young teen? I love his eyes, so intense. His eyes don't look young, but his face/body does. (Very very very slight Promys spoiler? Not really, I don't think, but if you're avoiding even images then don't click.)

So we partied for five hours or so in CN today. It's surprising that that can actually be tiring, but I was exhausted when it was over. I need to do something about my macros... either organize them better or spend time memorizing them. I hate that I still need to look and see if it's CTRL-4 that I want to hit or ALT-4, I want to be able to know without thinking which one I want. I used to have CTRL be for melee stuff and ALT be for magic, but I need a lot more melee stuff than magic now. (And luckily my 2-hour is nearly useless, because I hit it by mistake today.)

I'm finally able to be what makes DRKs unique: I'm really slamming with the absorb line of spells. Absorb-mind at first, to make the mages' stuff stick better, but then once I learned absorb-VIT, I switched to that. Sadly they cost a ton of MP (33, when I only have 120-ish total) so I'm going to have to go back to drinking juice if I want to keep up with TP, but it's worth it. They make a big difference not only to how hard we hit, but the added VIT onto me is really nice.

(I don't know if anyone is actually still reading at this point, but I like typing this out for me. Helps get my head straight on things.)

Hate was really troublesome this party. For the first time in weeks, I had to keep clicking off Last Resort and Soul Eater before they timed out. It was a good thing we had three people who could provoke, but I still kept getting hate with just normal hits (not crit, LR, WS, etc). NIN tank said in a couple levels he gets something that will help him keep hate, so that's good. I should touch base with Ceh and see if she thought she was healing me too much, but I'm afraid she'll say yes. I'm not stacking things at all (no SA while LR is up, etc), so I'd really rather not hold back further. (But if the mages put too much time/attention/MP into me, then I have to.)

Very related to the hate issue, I really, really love my scythe. It hits so hard! I should use my great sword next week though, because now GS skill is 10 levels behind scythe. I wish I could keep just one weapon skilled up, but I really need to keep at least those two as close to cap as I can.

The only bad part of the day: In one level, my subjob will be gimped, so I need to go find a random party to level it. I'll probably try to do that on Saturday, since I don't think I can deal with that on a weeknight. Sometimes I think about switching to /WAR, just because I hate leveling thief so much. I wouldn't mind leveling WAR, but I really don't want to play THF. But IMO, THF is the better subjob, so I'm going to stick with it. I can't believe that eventually I'll need to level it to where my highest jobs are currently...

I guess I've babbled on enough now. About time to try to sleep. Oh, last few little items:

* I got the last GB done, so I now have 60 spaces in my inventory. Cost me a total of 407K (gah!). I'm actually more happy to have it out of the way than I am for the 5 extra spaces. Now I can stop thinking about it. (At least till SE makes another GB expansion...)

* When I woke up, I found it was Darkday (I knew it was a new moon, but I thought I'd miss Darkday), so I scurried and did some crafting. I didn't keep exact numbers, but I made about 8 of each Seer's Mitts, Tunics, and Slacks. 1 HQ Mitt (went to Draque). 2 HQ Tunics. 3 HQ Slacks. Much better percent than usual! As ever: Mitts are the lowest level to craft, but I had the least HQs. Slacks are the highest level, but I got the most HQs. Very odd.

* In one day, most of the stuff I crafted this morning sold (!!!). Usually it takes days to move it all! Very happy. I've made back half the cost of the GB price. Nice!

Anyway, bed now! Night night from spammy me.

Edit: Sometimes the LJ "mood" field annoys me. How can I sum up how I feel in one word? I'm tired, yet hyper. Sad, yet also satisfied. Deeply missing someone. Dreading going back to work tomorrow. And I'm supposed to sum all that up in one word?
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