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Toeing the line

My cat came home from the vet with one less toe (*boggle*), or at least that's how it seemed at first. When I was able to get a closer look, it appears as though the vet only took off half her toe -- but not in the direction you'd think. It wasn't cut off at the knuckle, but "length-wise", or "bisecting" it, so it's cut the long way. The claw on that toe looks... well, icky. Like it might just fall off cause there's not enough flesh left around it. (The growth was on the side of her toe, so this makes sense).

Poor kitty is having a little trouble walking (she stumbles a lot). I'm not sure if it's because her balance is now off or because of pain in the paw (or both). Other than that (and not wanting to sit on that paw), she doesn't act like it hurts. (I know cats don't show much when they're in pain though.)

The growth was sent in for a biopsy, so we'll know on Friday if it was cancer coming back or not. (Eek, eek.)

On the plus side, at least this operation was a lot less expensive than her last one. (This one was just over $400, the last one was over a thousand.) However, I'd pay many times that to keep her cancer-free. *worry*


FFXI last night was fun, but very busy. Even though I had extra time online (I got home a half-hour early), there seemed more to do than I had time for. Eco-Warrior was fun (as usual), then a small group of us went farming for anima for Friday's Prom fight.

I think farming for anima could be a real money-making deal. Some of those anima sell for quite a bit of money. (And they're tons of fun to kill! Drain/Aspir works really, really well against them, so once DRK is a little higher, I'd be able to farm solo without ever sitting! *loves on DRK*)

I can't wait to get higher level, so I can get to more areas. Fishing in Qufim, farming the first levels in the Proms... killing tigers in Jugner. Soon, soon.
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