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Very expensive day (and FFXI)

Car went into the shop today, and $1000 later I got it back. Bah. Needed some stuff done to the brakes (was leaking fluid? Something else needed to be replaced?), plus some other stuff. Annoying thing, but necessary.

Off tomorrow! Yay for vacation days!

Okay, enough RL stuff, cause I can't think of anything more. Tired. Missing RP. Need to do that soon. Need to download more stuff (behind in Naruto, I think), and actually watch it.



Busy next couple of days. Today was Nif and Beanie's wedding. Yay! The official FFXI weddings are so cool. :) Such a really nice touch to the game. Since it was held in the newbie zone outside of Windy, we were all teleported to a mirror of that zone -- just no newbies or monsters! I really wanted to run off and see if I could zone into some other mirror zone, but resisted. Beanie looked so great in her wedding dress! She and Nif were totally cute. :)

Tomorrow is the second of three Prom runs. Eek! I hope it goes as well as next week!

Saturday at way early in the morning (9 AM *boggle*) we're doing a teens XP party. Yay, need to level my subjob! I hope to get at least two levels on it... and maybe a little practice pulling. Unless Ebil (eh, did I spell that right? Ebin, maybe? *tired*) wants to.

Sunday is the normal "low level static". Hee, we've so outgrown our name. :)


Prom-Mea -- This is where the exciting fight from last week took place. Full sized screenshot to show you how cool/scary/wonderful/icky the place is! And the music is so odd/scary/haunting... the whole place makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I love it! :) (This is how it always looks, the camera wasn't in motion or anything.)

The monsters in it are stranger than the landscape! Floating brains, spiders from hell seen while taking LSD, "dinosaurs" with hollow bellies with glowing centers... amazing. I worry about the people who designed these things. :) This screenshot is one of the more mild monsters, but I never think to screenshots while inside here.

Wedding in progress - Instead of standing in lines like at Mori's wedding, in Beanie/Nif's we sat in lines! The sun was setting as they exchanged vows. Perfect timing. :) As you can see, my side of things (I'm in the yellow) made nice lines, but the other side seemed to think that a clump was some sort of line. o.O

Wedding group picture! After it was all finished, we gathered for a group shot. :) Everyone wears their best armor to weddings.

Wedding fireworks Once it was all done, we set off fireworks. Don't they look pretty against the nighttime sky?
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