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So tired, so very tired. (FFXI)

The second of third Promy battle was tonight. (Recall the excitement of the one last Friday?) I'm happy to be able to report: We all lived and we won! :) While I was still excited/nervous/shaking before it started and on the way to the battle, I calmed down a ton faster once it was over than I had last week. It's odd, but if there were more than three total of these fights, I think I could grow accustom to these major battles.

I believe the fight lasted just over nine minutes? That just amazes me, as I noticed no time passing at all. (It kept boggling me that Sneak Attack was ready to use every time I tried it. I think I only used it three times the whole battle, because it seemed like we were only in there for moments!) There was very very little danger to us this time, mostly because wonderful Yossy kept a stopwatch next to him and called off a name every 30 seconds to throw anima (non-players: Anima stops the boss's attacks and/or special attacks). So basically the boss couldn't use nomal attacks the whole first half of the fight, and couldn't use specials the whole second.

I was slowed almost from the beginning of the fight, which is either laugh-worthy or cringe-worthy, depending on your POV. (Dark Knights use the slowest weapons on the game, so to be slowed further...) It was nice to have so many potions though, as I did a lot of my own healing which hopefully helped Ceh out some. (I cannot imagine trying to WHM in these fights! I'd be pulling my hair out! Not just heal and deal with stats-mods, but in this battle she had to do extra stuff as well!)

Oh, how's this for freaky? We had to move through a graveyard! When the whole place is already so freaky and creepy! Gah! I kept seeing all the headstones around us! (All those glowing lights mark the monsters. They have those lights in their "bellies" -- hollow middles.)

As with last week, getting to the boss battle was really the harder and more scary part. On the top floor we just ran, trailing mobs of mobs (heh) behind us.

Next Friday is the last of three battles, then we'll become one of the 3% who completed it, out of of the million+ FFXI players! Isn't that cool? I couldn't have asked for a better party to go in with, we all work so well together. (Most of us are/were in my static, plus Yossy who is close to all of us.) While I can't wait for next week's final battle, I'll be a little sad once we're done. This was darned exciting! Maybe we six should start doing a weekly BCNM battle? Ceh and I can do any 30 capped ones, and soon we'll be able to do 40 capped ones, too! This much excitement will be hard to give up. :)

Tomorrow: Leveling thief (my DRK subjob). Since it'll be a party with mostly LS people (shut up, loneguardian :) ), it should go well. Starts at 9 AM my time (zzzz), but hopefully I'll get at least two levels out of it.

Sunday is my Dark Knight static party. Xal's gonna be our puller from now on (she filled in the last two weeks, now is joining us for good), so that should hopefully be as much fun as last week. Soon we'll hit 40, then I'll finally be able to wear my sniper's rings! (Non-players: Very very expensive rings I bought long ago to use for DRK.)

Very, very tired. I'm not sure how people deal with this much activity in the game on a regular basis. :)

Also: Was tons of LS drama and players acting badly during the run tonight, but I don't feel like writing about bad stuff now. The problem player has apparently quit the LS, and I say "GOOD!" to that. He was the worst typist I have encountered in a long, long, long time, and if he hadn't quit on his own I would likely have choked him to death. :p He was a sucky person as well, but honestly, the typing bothered me a whole lot more. "well i guss im changing now if anyone wants me send me a tell bye i m going now" That sort of thing. *twitch* (Eh, look, I'm writing about the bad stuff, so I'll stop now!)
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