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Too early, too much *splash* (FFXI)

Another FFXI-only post, but at least it'll be short! :p

Today started way way too early: Got up at 7:30 to make it in time for an XP party... which then began late. One LS person decided to totally and utterly flake out, standing us up. Luckily Niala filled in for him, but by the time we got her in, we had lost hours. (Not her fault at all! We asked her at the last moment, thinking Mr. Flake might still show up.) It drives me insane when people do that. Yes, it is only a game, but know what? When you flake, you waste the time of five other real people. Bah.

Unfortunately the XP wasn't great (we were too high for gobs but too low for pugs, and our level range was too wide), but still, it was nice partying with LS people. I'm about halfway to 20 on thief, so I'm set for tomorrow's Dark Knight static, at least. I'll have to go out again Saturday next weekend to level thief more, to be ready for next Sunday's DRK static. Blah. (The party confirmed my hating playing thief though. I felt so useless! Niala pulled which left me as a DD. And I hit for what, in the teens each time? *cringe* Next to my usual DRK damage, every hit I landed with THF made me want to throw myself on my own sword. "Thistle attempts suicide on his sword. Thistle does 13 damage to himself!" Yeah, I know there's a level difference as well, but still! My THF sword is so tiny! It's like a toothpick! My DRK sword is as long as I am tall! And my scythe is better! *sniffle* Hate being THF. How bad would DRK 75/THF 20 be? Heh.)

After the thief party is when things got ... however they got. Bad? Stupid? Boring? I'm too tired to figure out how to describe it. :p I spent almost nine hours fishing. On the ferry. Sneak fishing =/= relaxing. I broke about 400 rods, and used too many stacks of rather expensive bait. And my payoff? 1.8 levels of fishing. *boggle* I spent the last hour and a half of it trying for .2 skillup so I could hit 58, but it didn't happen before I ran out of rods. This was a new moon, so fishing should have been good. I cannot believe I spent so much time and money on fishing, and got such little results. (Hey! It's just like any high level craft! ...Bah.)

Now I'm at the point of not wanting to see the game again, but luckily by tomorrow morning I should be over that. But really, I'm more than ready to go back to the slow times in FFXI playing; the last four days have been way, way too busy. (Hm, I guess next weekend won't be slow. Friday = third Promy, Saturday = THF party, Sunday = DRK static.)

Sooner or later I'll go back to the ferry, too. I already bought the fish for the next guild test. Just need .2 more skill...
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