Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Sunday stuff

I've used a touchpad instead of a mouse for years, and I love it to death, but in the last week or so it's been causing such pain in my arm! I can't figure out why. It's in the same position and it seems to work as well as it always has, but I can't stand using it. Almost from the first moment, it makes my wrist hurt! I hate to consider it, but I might have to switch back to a mouse...

Back to work tomorrow. The last four days were, while not relaxing, a nice break from work. However I'm not unhappy to be going back to work, mostly because it'll force me to take a break from FFXI. :p Stupid game, causing me to be obsessed with it!

I finally watched the Yu Gi Oh movie (I got it on DVD for Christmas). Unsurprisingly, it was really, really bad. The dialogue was so bad I actually laughed out loud at it a few times. "(In a deep, meaningful voice) But sometimes an eternity does not last forever..." Uh huh... On the other hand, I really do enjoy the TV series. I know it's meant for kids, but there's some pretty interesting character interaction that goes on. I really, really want to get the subbed version of the series, so I can see it in its intended form.

This will sound strange, but for days now, I've been so hungry! I'm eating, but I just can't get satisfied. It can't be a lack of protein, cause I had cheese for lunch and a grilled cheese for dinner, too. I can't even think of what I want to eat though... Very annoying. Food takes way, way too much time and thought.


Today was my DRK static. I hit 37, which makes it tied for my highest job! Yay! Crawler's Nest works surprisingly well for us, for all CN is called a hellhole. We get wonderful XP there. (200-250/kill on average.) When you factor in how many of us were sick and exhausted (and hungry), it's extra-surprising how well things went. (I was totally off my game, to the point of losing track of my most basic of macros. It was very odd, I was suddenly unsure of even macros I was using for as long as I've played the job.)

The best part of the day was when we were able to surprise Ceh with the Erase spell scroll. :) (Non-players: It's an insanely and unreasonably expensive scroll, totally unfair to expect new players to be able to buy it.)

My armor now matches, which is really nice. I know it's silly to even think about that, but I didn't like looking awful! I'll have to grab a screenshot and post it soon...
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