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Recall yesterday when I said I was happy to be back to work cause it'd force me to take a break from FFXI? Wrong, totally wrong.

Stupid moat carp quest. *shakes fist* Non-players: There's a quest on the game where you have to catch 10,000 of one type of fish to get a very special fishing rod. For some reason (probably because I smoke crack), I decided to do the quest. Today is only day two of it, and already I'm insane. If one were relaxed and took it slowly, the quest wouldn't be so bad. There's no time limit, you could take years if you wanted. But noooooo, stupid anal uptight me says "OH MY GOD! There's something I haven't finished yet! This is supposed to be done and it's not done so OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I better get it done NOW!". I bought way way too many of the fish so far... and it's just a tiny little drop in the bucket. I've spent about 200,000 on fish in two days... and that only got me 50 stacks of fish. (10,000 fish = about 833 stacks.) Must stop buying so many and just fish more. There is no rush to finish this! So stop being stupid, Thistle! Bah.

I'm just so totally depressed today. About a lot of things. I've been at work for hours already, and yet I still have seven hours left. *cry* People who don't have to work full time are so damned lucky. Same for people like my boss (who isn't in yet, but will leave at the same time or before me).

Annoyed and hungry and depressed and stuff. Bah. Stupid Monday. Stupid having four more days of this left, then another week, then endless weeks, then years more of this.
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