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Link-a-dink-a-doo? (FFXI only)

Anyone have the URL to that chart that graphed how good various foods are vs. levels? I'm making a shopping list for future DRK stuff, and I'm up to foods.

loneguardian, I thought about offering to buy any red curry you skill up on (it gives +7 STR and +24% ATT), but it requires dragon meat and the finished dish appears to sell for 100K a serving. *boggle* How could anyone eat food that's 100K a serving? (Based on prices quoted on boards, I haven't checked an AH yet.)

Bison Steak seems to be another option (+6 STR, +12% ATT), but bison meat must be uber-expensive, too...

Mithkabob (STR +5, +22% ATT) actually seem the next best option, which cannot be right. That's why I'm asking for that link, because I think kabobs were only really good at low levels.


It's odd, but equipment/weapon-wise, I don't have much of anything to buy till 40, and since I already have my sniper's rings, even then I don't have too much. I'm ready, willing, and able to upgrade what I use, but there's nothing I need! Bah.

The only big upcoming choice I have is in the waist slot 40+.

* Tilt belt (40) Acc +5, EVA -5. (I'll have my two sniper's on at this point.)
* Swordbelt +1 (43) DEF 5, ATT +12 (Non-HQ: DEF 4, ATT +10) -- I'm leaning strongly towards this one.
* Life Belt (48) ACC +10 (I'm thinking I really need to start balancing ACC and ATT. I have tons of ACC and I'm hitting lots now, so maybe I need the ATT more?)

Decisions, decisions.
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