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Zzzz (RL, anime, FFXI)

Zzzz. Slept like poopoo. Had a bad dream (not quite a nightmare, just a really not nice one about my mother being drunk all the time and some man she was shacking up with trying to get rid of me and all three of us sleeping in the same bedroom). Donno what I did during the night, but woke up with muscle pulls in one arm, my back, and both legs. No wonder my cat wasn't on the bed in the morning! I must have been fighting my blankets or something. Poor kitty!

Oh, speaking of the kitty, I finally heard back from the vet about the mass they took off her toe. It was cancer, and it was a malignant tumor, but it's a "low grade malignant" thing, and the pathologist thinks that the doctor got it all off, so woo! Poor kittygirl though, this is her second malignant cancer! Eek! We need to stop cutting parts off her, or there'll be nothing left!

Hm, "malignant" doesn't look like it's spelled right, but says that's the correct spelling...

Anime: Finally new eps of Samurai Champloo are out! Or rather, finally I've noticed they're out, thanks to a link from devosama. Downloaded the latest subbed eps (17-19) and watched 17 this morning. Such a satisfying show! Love the art style, love the characters, like the music. Can't wait to watch the other eps, once I have time.

Still very, very behind on Naruto. Bah. I think I need to download like 3-4 eps, plus I have maybe 3 unwatched eps already downloaded. I like the series, I just need to make time to watch it!

I think I've finally give up on Prince of Tennis. I don't even feel guilty about not watching the unwatched eps I already have downloaded... Maybe when I have more free time I'll go back to it. (It makes me mad how far the show wandered, and how different some of the characters (like the father) became!)

FFXI: First off, I blame FFXI for me no longer being able to spell "anime". It always comes out as "anima" now! :p

Fishing, good and bad. The good: I'm up to ~1030 turned in! The bad: This morning there were none to buy! Or at least none at 4K. All were up to over 5K! Bah. Bah. Bah. Not gonna buy them for over 4K. Turning in 1000 fish a day would be keen as heck (Lu's in 10 days! Woo!), but I'm going broke fast enough. Fished up a ton of them last night. It's amazing how fast I can catch them now, even during a bad moon!

I finished off my night last night by going to Jeuno to shop. Picked up a reraising potion for Friday (Yay! Much better to spend 3K gil than to use my conquest points to get a scroll!). Also got the two belts I talked about yesterday: Life Belt and Swordbelt +1. (100K each.) I can start using the SB at 43, and lifebelt at 48 (? I think it was 48). I think I'm going to use loneguardian's idea and carry them both for a while, and switch as needed. (If I can hit it fine, use the SB! If I'm missing left and right, use the LB!) I'm so looking forward to SB's +12 attack!

I know it's a long, long time off, but I'm really thinking a lot about needing to fight Maat. Seems so exciting! I can't wait to try it! I wish you could do a trial run at lower levels. I'm making all sorts of plots and plans now. :p

Eco tonight, then farming in Promy.

While I need to fish lots, I want to take a night off soon to "test out" farming with DRK. I bet maybe I can farm tigers in Jugner now! And I want to go to M-whatever Mountains and see about farming coeurls for meat. It'll be so so so sooooo nice not to have to farm with WHM! WHM is handy for teleporting/warping, but for hitting things? Give me DRK anytime! (Edit: Both tigers and coeurls are fast, so things might get interesting against slow-as-heck DRK me! Maybe I'll use my GS instead of my scythe...)

I also want to see if I can farm in Promy solo maybe, but I suspect that might not work as well. Maybe tonight I'll try it while we have the group there, just for backup in case I fail badly. :p
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