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I've started and deleted this post a few times now, but this time I'll finish it! I know I will! I believe in myself! Because "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."! Or just because I'm bored. One of the two. :p

What's more boring to non-players than a post about FFXI? How about a post about fish on FFXI! Because I'm rather insane, I ran home at lunchtime to try to buy fish. See, everyone doing this quest needs 10,000 of these fish, so they sell really fast and/or at higher prices than they should. I got lucky and got 300 of them! Woo! (Sorry, philia, but they would be gone in minutes if I didn't snatch them up as soon as I saw them.) Not only that, some random stranger /tell'ed me asking me if I wanted more! He had only 4.5 stacks of them, but still! Yay! So I'm up to like 1330 fish now. Such a small number! 8700 more fish needed!

It strikes me that I have no clue at all what I'll do with this special rod once I get it. kelen says he made a million or so since getting his, so I know there's money out there, I just have to do the legwork into finding out where. Also need to level more, as even in "basic" places like Batallia, Sauromugue, and probably Qufim as well are still aggro to me. (Hate sneak-fishing! Not relaxing at all!) That makes my head-long rush to get the rod even more funny, huh?

I didn't go to Windy and pick up the Eco quest at lunchtime like I usually do. Need to do that as soon as I get home from work. Too much to do, too little time! :)
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