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*snicker* (FFXI)

I've been idly looking for some uber-angsty lyrics to add into my DRK macros. (Non-players: As the name implies, Dark Knights are all about darkness and death and stuff. Lots of people take this way too seriously and make these horrible angsty emits for their weapons. "Let the blood of my enemies flow till it covers me and paint my eyes red, for my life is nothing but death and now here is yours!" with worse typing.) One I'd use would have to be so angsty and so bad that it'd be funny. Poking about on Google, I did a search for "FFXI angst", and the first hit?

FFXI fanfic.

Okay, I knew there was FFXI fanart, but for some reason I really didn't think there was fanfic out there. I've spent the last while glancing through it. It's... something else.

A good 98% of the stories feature Mithra as the main character. Most of them are bad, really bad. (The "best" ones so far have been only boring.) This summary caught my eye and made me snicker lots, but unfortunately the story is too boring to read.

A fallen Dragoon seeks redemption and answers to life's questions down the path of the Dark Knight.

So there's hope for you yet, loneguardian! ;)

Dragoons and thieves seem to be the most popular job of main characters. Hey, here's one told from the wyvern's POV. That's different. (Edit: I read it. Eh, writing isn't great and the ending confused me, but it's an interesting idea!) Wind like Wolves Howling Summary: A young Wyvern fights a losing battle alongside his master against the demon hosts of Zvahl

Grr, some of the summaries have so much potential, but the stories suck! Example: Two Yagudo brothers prepare for the worst when word of the Feral Taru of Windurst reaches Giddeus. /// See, now that could make for a great story told from a Yag POV, but the actual story is so bad I'm not even going to link it.

Ha ha. Another for loneguardian. A story about a Yagudo dragoon! (Told from Yag's POV.) (Huh, this one is actually readable.)
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