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Grumble, mumble, grrr. (FFXI)

If more of my FFXI time was like last night, I would have long since quit the game. The whole night was one big lump of annoyance and frustration.

Got home from work as fast as I could. Traveled to Windy and picked up Eco quest. Two or three hours later, Eco done. Very low XP. Thief didn't level with it, which I had been counting on it doing.

New moon, Windsday. (Using earth crystals, so Windsday is second best day.) Started crafting Seer's. Attempted 25 synths. 5 failed (3 total losses). Number of HQs? 2. 2. 2. *%$@!&&T&$#@! 31 levels over the cloth cap, 50+ levels over the leather cap. Insert the usual "this makes no sense, this does not fit into the game's reality" here. All that stress and planning to try to catch the right day/moon, and I end up screwed.

Tried a new thing: Desynthing. (Pre-planning for it: Totally ruined my mog house. Dropped lots of ex furniture and items which didn't fit the desynthing energy I was trying for. Lost about 60 storage spaces. Everything is a mess.) I bought 75 belts to desynth. (NQ and HQ1 = sheep leather, HQ2 = iron ingot, HQ3 = 2 iron ingots) Stood in the shop with a mob of non-crafters and started desynthing. Ended up with 11 sheep leathers and 1 ingot. WTF WTF WTF? All those non-crafters were getting non-stop 2-ingot successes, and I couldn't desynth at all. (This is about level 10 leather. I'm 8-fucking-6 level.) I was ready to toss my computer out the window at this point. Forget about the money loss, it was embarrassing as hell! There I was, in my crafting apron, gloves, and glasses, being the only one who failed non-stop.

And if that wasn't enough crap, I can never grab the 4K/stack moat carp on the AH. Oh, tons SELL for 4K/stack, but people snatch them all up before me! And since I work, I can only check the damned AH a couple times a day.

Tonight I'm going to go off and do some simple farming. Not waste more time/money on crafting, not deal with idiot people. Going to go by myself, turn the LS off the moment it annoys me, and just kill things.
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