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Happy Almost-Friday Day!

This week can't be over fast enough for me. Since I've only gotten 4-5 hours a sleep the past 4-5 nights, I decided to go to bed an hour early tonight. Hey, I was tired, so it seemed like a good idea! Ha ha. I tossed and turned and when normal bedtime finally arrived was still fully awake! Bah. And if that wasn't bad enough, I woke up an hour before my alarm and couldn't go back to sleep! So I got even less sleep last night than usual! Ha ha ha. Isn't that funny? (No.)

Since we finally got a break in the rain, I went walking again this morning. I don't like walking, but I'm happy that I'm doing it. That sounds like it doesn't make sense, but it does! (Woo, loopy. Brain has cracked from lack of sleep!)

I'm finally caught up on Samurai Champloo (eh, or maybe I'm not if a new ep has come out lately). Watched (I think) #19 yesterday. Such a good show! I love how the info about "the samurai who smells like sunflowers" is coming out bit by bit. Love the characters to death.

Lost was last night, and thanks to darned Tivo I missed the first 15 minutes of it! *#$&*#@&$*& I had paused the TV at sometime earlier in the night, so while I was in the middle of watching a Simpsons rerun I got the "Hey, Lost is on. You want me to record this for you, bitch?" popup. Of course I said yes, then went back to FFXI. (Tivo changes the channel and starts the recording for you.) I got distracted by the game, but had an ear on the TV to make sure I'd stop when Lost started... but my Tivo is retarded and sometimes cannot change the channel on its own. Stupid Tivo thought it changed the channel and started recording, but I was still in the Simpsons-backlog. After a while I wondered why the station hadn't changed yet, and was annoyed to see how much time had passed. Maybe I'll download the ep to see what I missed, but maybe not. One more new ep, then we're into reruns for five weeks, so I'll be able to catch it again then.

FFXI: What a good day! What a good job DRK is! :) I farmed (killed tons of easy monsters) for four hours or so last night. The things I killed (coeurls, raptors) were fast and hit me for 10-30 HP each hit (2-3 hits between one of mine). I killed them non-stop, so killed a darned lot of them. Number of times I had to sit for MP/HP in those four hours? Once. How amazing is that? In the right zone (one with beetles or crabs), DRK is a non-stop killing machine. Woo woo! (And that one time I sat? It was just because I hadn't felt like running further south to find a beetle to aspir.)

I really got my money's worth from TH last night: Coeurl hides are a rare drop, but I walked away with about 10 of them. Got 2.5 stacks of whiskers and about the same amount of coeurl meat. (Meat was the reason I was going, but I'll be returning to farm there in the future.)

After killing coeurls for so long (which is an odd thing:I love how they look, they're my favorite monster in the game, but I get great joy over killing them), I started the long run back. (DRK/THF is a great farming combo, but makes travel slow!)

On my way I saw an Axe Beak, and since I never killed one before, I stopped and killed it! Piece of cake. Then I saw raptors (which I've always wanted to farm -- their hides are worth a lot), so I killed it! Instead of finishing the trip out, I stopped and farmed raptors for a while. Killed about ten, but only got one hide.

After playing WHM for so long, it's just so totally wonderful to be actually able to KILL THINGS. Kill things well! And add drain/aspir into the mix? I can't believe everyone doesn't play DRK. ;)

Moat Carp: Grrrr. I'm having bad luck buying them (thanks, RL job!). I'm only up to 6303, which is only an increase of 300 in many days. I would buy every single last moat carp I need this very second, if only I could find that many at 4K/stack.

I installed the Firefox FFXI extension thingie (it displays the in-game moon, day, and time into Firefox's bottom bar), but now I'm thinking it's not a good thing. I already think about the game too much while at work, but with the display in front of me the whole time, I never stop thinking about it. (Ack! Full moon just hit! And I'm stuck here and can't take advantage of it!)

Oh, and one last thing I had to laugh about: Know how WHMs complain about Erase? A 600K spell? I have a spell coming up in two levels that costs 700K. *boggle* Absorb-DEX. And there's only one of it available right now, so you know the selling price of it is actually over 700K. For the first time since playing DRK, I think I'll be skipping a spell. (Sure, DEX would be nice, but with Absorb-STR (two levels after DEX) and the current Absorb-VIT I think we can do without it for a while.) Once I have my LSR and have my money built up once more, then I'll get it.

But really, 700K for a spell? That's insane.
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