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Warning: Post about religion. Skip as needed.

While reading the news, I came across a story: Worried about the lure of the devil, a Vatican-linked university on Thursday debuted its latest course offering: a class on Satanism, black magic and exorcism. After reading the whole thing, I was left boggling. It hit me that people actually believe the devil is a real thing, as real as a cat or a dog or a door. It floored me in the same way finding an adult who believed in Santa or the Tooth Fairy would.

I can't even wrap my head around thinking that black magic is something real and/or works... Magic! Kids quickly learn that there's no such thing as magic, but there are adults out there thinking that it's possible?

Don't get me wrong, I know that humans are all too capable of doing evil things, but just as good acts come from within someone, the evil does as well.

This is the same sort of problem I had with Alcoholics Anonymous. (In college, I took a number of classes dealing in substance abuse.) In AA you give over all power/responsibility to "a higher power". It's not your fault you drink too much! And it's not your power that'll stop you from drinking! Trust in the higher power to get you out of this mess that wasn't your doing to begin with! That drives me batty. Adults should take responsibility for their own actions (good and bad!), not try to pass it off onto something else.
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