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The more things change, the more they stay the same. (FFXI, yes again. Sorry! :p )

It's a slow day at work, so this morning I looked at every screenshot in my /ffxi folder. Two things struck me:

1) I giggled at how impressed I was over certain common stuff. ("Eee! I killed a bunny!" and "Oh my, what's that big building? It looks so cool! *points at crag*").

2) I didn't believe this at first, so I hit my LJ to confirm it: I've been playing FFXI almost a year now. Heck, I've confirmed it and I STILL don't believe that! I started on 4/2. How the heck has it been a year? (And my highest job is only 39!) Almost a year. I can't believe it at all.

It's funny reading all my old posts from the start of the game, but it's somewhat less funny to see that I'm still saying the same things. Example, from 4/5/04:

"Can't wait to play tonight! Though, to be honest, being at work is sort of a nice break. Generally, nothing tries to kill me here!"

Ha! I said that just last week! (Well, the "work = FFXI break" part, not the monster part.)

Game-wise, it's almost distressing to see how hard and slow it was to level WHM. It's a good thing I started with that job, because if I had known better I never would have leveled it! It's amusing to see how badly I used to get lost (doubly so since I still get lost in those areas now!).

Oh well, back to reading. Is it 5 yet? Wanna go home and play!

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