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I haven't read LJ all weekend (long weekend), so now I get 300 new posts. *falls over dead* Read 100 so far. If that many new posts wasn't enough to do me in, I got like two hours sleep last night. (But I got eight hours each of the three nights before it, so I'm not as bad off as I might otherwise be.) How the heck can one be hyper in the middle of the night? I went to bed the usual time, turned off my lights... and suddenly wanted to bounce around. Rolled over. Closed my eyes. Opened them. Asked myself "Is it time to go to work yet? I better check the clock!" But of course no time had passed. Repeat through the night. My brain is very wacky.

Though it was really cold this morning (enough to see my breath) I went walking. I think I got a chill or something, because now I'm both really hot and really cold. Yeah, that seems odd, doesn't it? No, of course I hadn't worn a jacket. I never wear jackets (other than while at work and the AC blasts on me, as it is now).

The holiday weekend was both nice (see all the sleep I got!) and busy as heck (FFXI). It's all sort of a blur now though.

FFXI weekend stuff:

So much happened, I think I forgot most of it.

Saturday: Early morning "static" (not really static, but some of the same members as last couple times) party for thief (my DRK subjob). Confirmed (again) that I really, really dislike the job. Pulled for the first time, and it went mostly okay it seemed.

After the party I set about to leveling marksmanship. (Dark Knights can use crossbows, and since bloody bolts have a drain effect, I thought that'd make our white mage's job a little easier.) Took the skill level from 18 to about 32. (Spent many hours and shot hundreds of bolts.)

Sunday: DRK Static. Went amazingly well. Got about 250 XP seemingly every kill. Turns out my marksmanship was still way too low though, as I shot 200 bolts and only hit with 4 of them (!!!). For the first time in a long, long time, we had deaths (but they were just odd things, not anyone's fault). A WS-mad scorp (literally did WS moves every other attack, from the second it was pulled) was too much for my "wet paperbag defense", and I ate dirt. Then Xal somehow got into a mess with beetles (I think two popped while she was pulling?) and she died. Got two levels! 39 -> 41

Oh, before static I finally forced myself to take the time "off" to go visit the Meadows again. While visiting while needing to sneak/invisible isn't all that relaxing, it was wonderful to see the area again. (Saw the meadows, coast, and safehold. Missed seeing the swooping dragons. Watched all the safehold cutscenes again.)

Post-static I shot a few hundred more bolts to skill up marksmanship.

Monday: Same as the rest of the weekend, I shot more bolts. Not counting the ones I used in the static, I shot about 700 in three days. Ended Monday with skill of 58 (I think). Too Weak mobs seem to be no longer giving me skill-ups, so... things are going to get tricky here. Oh! Right! I need to talk to Draque and find out where the worms he shot were.

Fish, fish, fish: Moat carp market went insane last night. Stacks of moat carp were going for 5K-6K steadily. Bah. I'm at about 9,000 fish turned in (!!!) but unless the market gets stable again, I'll be fishing all those. Bah. I know a thousand fish doesn't really sound like that much, but that's 86 stacks of them!

Oh oh! And how did I forget? On Monday we got all our AF1s done! I got my AF scythe! Wooooo! It was fun "helping" with the other AFs, too. (At 20 or so levels below Aurian, Ead, and Draque, I'm not sure how much I actually helped, but at least I was able to be there and not sneak/invisible'd!)

Two more levels and I can use my AF scythe! <3 It's just too bad the scythe I'm using now is better than it... But hey, I can wear the AF one around the cities, then everyone will know I'm a DRK! :)
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