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Gah! (FFXI only)

(I've reread the info a couple times now, and will add edits to this post.)

With some exceptions, fish obtainable through fishing will now be bought at half the previous price by NPCs.

Ha ha ha. And SE continues its trend of screwing the fishers in each update. (Edit: I wonder how much of this will hurt real fishers and how much will hurt bots?)

New fishing rules/ways here:

Gah. It's going to take a lot longer to fish now (though may be more fun/more challenging). Multitasking while fishing will be harder. ;;

Wow, fishing instinct looks like it could be interesting...

The amount of time that a character must wait between fishing attempts will no longer
change depending on fishing skill. The previous waiting time will now be spent struggling
with your catch. -

GAH! Sucky! A shorter wait time was part of the good part of skilling up! (Edit: Maybe they'll make the "tiring of the fish" shorter if your skill is higher? Don't know...)

The influence of moon phases on the abundance of fish has been increased.

Hmmm. (Edit: I really worry about this one, since people who work jobs in RL can't catch good moons as often as people who don't. Bah!)

During the act of fishing, the surrounding characters will become semi-transparent.

BUH? BUH? BUH? How odd. o.O
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