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It's sort of odd to realize out of the blue just how much you like a TV show. Last night, while watching CSI, I smiled to myself and realized just that. Other than it being a bit gory at times, the show is just perfect for me. The characters are interesting, the stories tend to show me new stuff, and... well, the characters. I love Gil (the male main character). He's not a typical lead (not really handsome, not the most social guy, and he loves bugs!), but he's a good man, and he's complex enough to keep my attention.

Not to mention, CSI tends to take on sexual kinks, which also helps keep my attention. Last night was folks who like to have sex with very overweight people, and in previous eps they've covered furries and BDSM. While the furry ep made me glad I wasn't a furry, last night's ep was handled as well as could be expected.

There's another bit that both keeps my interest and makes Gil seem not-typical-leading-male material: One of the characters called him gay, and he didn't correct her on it. I'm pretty darned sure he's not gay (he had a highly interesting interaction with a dominatrix in the BDSM ep), but a male lead who doesn't freak out at the mention of the word "gay"? C'mere, Gil, I want to give you a hug.

Often times I don't bother changing the channel after a show I like ends, which is how I started watching Without A Trace. I've only seen two or three eps, not enough to get to know the main characters well at all, so it's even more interesting how engaging the show is. I want to know more about the people in the show, and so I can't wait to catch more eps.

I guess I'm sort of on a crime detective kick lately, as I also just started watching (and loving) Jag and NCIS.

Oh, and the promos for the next Amazing Race series? Man, they make me want to cry so hard! So much love, so much kindness! I know the show isn't really totally like that (see: that idiot from this season who screamed endlessly at and belittled the woman he supposedly loved), but the ads are so touching!


FFXI: Only one day of not fishing, and I'm missing it so much! I realized what I really liked about fishing: It is (was) relaxing. You could do it and talk to people on the LS, watch TV, eat dinner, just relax. But even though it's no longer relaxing, I still miss it lots. Silly game, how can I miss fishing? After just one day?

Last night was very productive. I set out to farm for seeds (gardening is intending to be non-stressy now. I'll pay no money for it (other than the initial purchase of pots and tables), and farm seeds and let grow whatever grows), but ended up doing lots more than that. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my crossbow? :) It makes farming so much easier! No need to ever, ever run after a mob if it moves after you engage. And with little things like saplings and bees, I almost always one-shot them with a bolt! Bigger things (dhalmels, elementals) I can tag and make them come to me instead of running after them. Once my bag got to 60/60, I returned to Sandy and sent all the stuff to various mules to sell. By this morning, it was all gone!

Tonight I have only vague plans. I need to get to Jeuno and bind there, ready to party as thief at 8 AM tomorrow morning (eek). I'm thinking that maybe I'll go to the mines and skillup marksmanship on worms, or maybe farm a little more, and/or fish a little.

Saturday night I'm sort of supposed to go on a "panty raid" (quest for special subligar in the new CoP area), but... I'm very not sure if I'm going to go or not. I wouldn't be able to use the subligar till I hit 50 (I don't want to store it till then), and... well, I've never worked with the people intending to go, so I'm not terrible confident about the group. We'll see, but I'm betting I'll bow out of it.

Mostly because I've been bored, I'm crafting now and then. Night before last I made three signed wolf mantles +1 (if you have an unsigned one and want to trade for a signed one, poke me on-game). Last night I made some water tanks. I really need to hit the AHs again and find those special rocks (ignious? something like that) so I can make more pellet belts.

Moat carp are down to nearly 3K/stack now. I'm tempted to get the last 500 I need at that price, but I resisted. I'll buy at 2K/stack and/or fish up the rest I need.
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