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Bits I forgot to post earlier:

tersa, you might like ru_streetfoto. I love photos of random stuff, especially city stuff, but I bet you'd like it because all the photos are of Russian things.

FFXI: Eating the Coeurl Sautee did not work out at all. I didn't notice that I was hitting harder, but perhaps that was because I wasn't hitting at all! (loldrk) Grrrr. For the first time in ages, I was missing four... five... six times in a row! Usually I miss maybe once per fight! But without eating my Jack o'Lanterns, I was sometimes going whole fights without hitting!

Since I'm now up to so much ATT+ with all my new equipment, I'm going to stick with Jacks at least until I hit 48 and can use my Lifebelt, then will try out Coeurl Sautee again.

Other sad FFXI thing from the weekend: Since we hit 43, I was able to equip my AF scythe... and then I checked it and checked it and checked it again to see if it was the wrong one or not. I thought I was getting the big, black, evil-looking scythe, but it was just... brown. And grey. And looked like it could break if you dropped it. /cry (Turns out what I had been thinking of is Vassago's Scythe, which I can't use till level 58 but I can at least buy.) What a disappointment!

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