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Hey, friends list, a quick request: Don't forget it's polite to LJ-cut your quizzes, especially when there are pictures and/or large gobs of text. Yes, of course it's your LJ and you can post whatever you like, but in LJ "society" cutting is the nice thing to do, so please keep that in mind. Much love to the majority of my flist for already cutting your quizzes. :)

Hunter books: *boggles at the ending of book one* WTF? Did the publisher say "Hey, this can only be 250 pages long, so let's cut it here and make the rest into book two!"? It didn't end on a cliffhanger, it ended in the middle of the damned story. I'm just totally confused. On the other hand, at least I've finished one book and have just two left before I can toss the whole series out the window.

FFXI people, this site is a really nice resource for maps.

Though everyone's probably finished reading the last Dark Tower book except me, I'll

I liked how King not just foreshadowed the big death, but told us outright it was coming. I was worried it'd be a character I really liked (Roland, Jake, Oy), so was almost happy to see it was Eddie... till King went on to describe him post-death and all the scenes around his body. Though I cared neither for him nor for his wife, and even though I was at work, I had a hard time not crying. It was so sad! And everyone was hurt so much by it!

I'm very much loving the art in the book, too.

Very happy that Ted is such a main character. I hope he gets some sort of happy ending at the end, cause he deserves it.

Work is darned busy and I should be doing it instead of this. :p Soon, soon.

FFXI was slow to the point of dull last night. Went to Qufim Isle and shot more worms for skillup (got to 70, then no further. Shot worms for 45 minutes after hitting 70, but got no more skillups, so finally gave up and quit). Killed some dancing weapons (got a sword to drop, sold for 3K), killed one giant (no drops). Farming on Qufim isn't really an option for me just yet: Things are TW, but still strong enough to get my HP down into the yellow... which could be deadly there at night. Darned undead.

I spent the rest of the night (hours and hours and hours) moving cornettes from Bastok to Windy for my mule's fame. So three of my four mules now have level 3 fame, and one has level 5 fame. They're all going to go through the mog house expansion quests, so I'm well on my way! I'd like to get at least the first two expansions for each of them, then perhaps the third. Bastok is by far the worst place to have to get fame in. Sandy and Windy have turn-in quests you don't have to zone between items, but not Bastok. I can't even count how many hours I've been turning bulbs in and then running across that ugly city to zone...
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