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*bouncy bouncy* Weekend review!

All in all, it was a darned good weekend! Things in totally random order:

I caught the new anime on Cartoon Network. Zatch Bell (wasn't it called Gash instead of Zatch in its original Japanese form?). Recall my Japanese Candy Review post from long ago? The one with the figure of the Angry Fish Girl? (Link.) This is the anime it was from! And yes, I see that the original name was Gashbell. Anyway, I really enjoyed the animation style of it, as well as the storyline, characters, and everything else! I'm only sorry that I'm seeing it for the first time on CN, not in its real form. (Maybe I'll go find a copy to download...)

On Saturday I had nothing that I had to do online, so I did a lot of spring cleaning stuff. (Unfortunately I pulled something in my back, so couldn't go walking this morning. Hurts quite a bit, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to walk again... hopefully sometime this week.)

The weather was so so so so so great! I was able to have my windows open all day both Saturday and Sunday! It was such a perfect temperature, and my orange tree is blooming again! It smells so pretty. :)

FFXI: The weekend just totally rocked. On Saturday, around RL stuff, I did major farming. Made about 50K? Maybe more? I know some people don't like to farm, but I totally enjoy it. DRK kills things so well! <3

Sunday was our totally rocking static party. We got two levels again! (Unfortunately once more, my darned subjob is about to become gimped. Grrr. Hate leveling thief.) Next week we're going to Quicksand Caves, which I'm even more excited about. I've never been there before! I love seeing new places.

I couldn't sleep Saturday night, so I was thinking about our Sunday static. It's really too bad that the FFXI character models don't change more, cause I'd be the most muscular guy in the group by far! *strut strut* Monks and ninjas would be strong, but I bet more the lithe-strong type (they have to be fast and they don't use giant weapons). Xal the ranger would be about the same as Ead the monk and Waru the NIN. The two mages would have giant brains instead of muscles (big throbbing heads! ;) ). It'd be just me, swinging my big ol' scythe, who would have muscles all over. Heehee. (I really, really want new body armor. I want another harness! My breastplate covers too much and looks silly with my subligar.)

*loves on everything and everyone!* Have a good week, people!
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