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Just interesting stuff (MMORPGs)

Not (NOT NOT NOT) that I'm thinking about switching, but WoW sure does have some interesting sounding stuff. The other evening I was reading about their pet system (unlike FFXI BST pets, theirs are "real" pets -- they stick around as you level, you feed them, keep them with you all the time, etc).

Today I read this paragraph on someone else's LJ. twotails wrote:

"Speaking of WoW, I had a really cool moment the other night. I'd just created an undead mage and gotten him through the beginning levels and into the next town. Along comes this group of four or five Alliance types to "raid" this town of, frankly, newbies and lowbies. I watched 'em get run off by the guards (though they did manage to kill one or two), and then they hung around in the hills nearby. One of 'em kept doing the /chicken emote, which I thought was pretty laughable."

Now, see, that's what I think FFXI is seriously missing. I think Bastok-Windy-Sandy should be able to raid each other, kill people off outside the city, etc. Yeah, it'd be much harder to level low level jobs, but challenging is fun! (Or maybe, like some other MMORPG whose name I can't recall, there could be some lowbie-leveling areas that are safe and cannot be PvP'ed in.)

Quoting that post once more:

"Funny thing about WoW -- the two sides can't communicate except via the (limited) pre-scripted emotes, so there's a definite sense of people on the other side being The Other. At least within the game itself."

The other MMORPG-whose-name-I-can't-recall has that system, too. That'd be so interesting! It'd almost make PCs into NPCs... only smarter!

Yes, I know none of this would fit into FFXI's current storyline, but that doesn't mean I can't still wish for it. I mean, if some idiot stole your mob or took your mining point, wouldn't it be handy to be able to smite them? And heck, people might learn after being beaten a few times! (Or might level up to 75 and still be rude. :p )

Random stranger, "lol"
Thistle frenzies, kills random stranger.

Some sort of "stealing" system would be great with PvP: You spend the day farming, and on your way back you get killed and all the stuff you farmed gets stolen by the PCs who killed you. (It'd be horrible if they could take your armor and stuff as well, but who knows!) This sort of "realistic" system would make me wiggle with joy, no matter how many hours of farming I lost.
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