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Busy Evening, HP Movie

Turns out I remembered incorrectly: The Harry Potter movie was on at 5:30, not 2:30. This was good, as sometimes Tivo doesn't record things correctly (it has Issues with correctly changing the channel fully, so when it's supposed to change to 553, it might go to 53 or 55 or 5 or 3...), so I was sure to be able to watch it. Got home, sat down, watched the movie.

Boy, was it good. I loved it, it was really, really close to the book. My only complaint isn't a valid one: Two and a half hours was too long. I know, I know, that's normal movie length, but an hour into it I couldn't sit still, and at an hour and a half I was ready to move on and just let Tivo record the rest. Luckily the MUSH started needing my attention, so I did the two things at once and got through the movie. It really was very good.

Next I need to get to the theater and see the second one. I think. I really want to see it, but I'm tempted to just wait till it's out on cable or DVD, so I can watch half and then half later...

I didn't hardly have time for Animal Crossing tonight. Got only an hour in, which was just enough to run around and dig up weeds, visit the store, pick up the wonderful gifts someone I met on a message board sent me, and find some fossils.

I didn't have time for much TV, but luckily everything's being recorded. Hour and a half left, then bed is a must. :/ Too much to do, not enough time.
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