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Getting a post out while the getting is good!

Busy busy morning today. Work is, as usual, crazy. Won't go into details, just usual stuff.

Walking was nice this morning, other than I hadn't stretched nearly enough beforehand. (I woke up with cramps in each leg's calf muscle, so I needed extra stretching, not less!) But the weather was nice and I got some good exercise, so yay. Friday morning is Official Weighing Time, so I checked it officially (as opposed to the 54782095702750 unofficial checks I make each day). Lost two pounds, but a bigger "yay!" is that one of those was a "real loss", not just weight I had re-gained over the two winter months I hadn't walked. So I'm back into "real" weight loss again. Woo!

Watched one Naruto ep (122?) before walking. Was good, even if all the fighting is getting rather old. (Too much fighting? In Naruto! *gasp* Never!)

FFXI: What an interesting night last night was! I made my way through the jungle and found Norg. (*kisses map marked with path* I'd never, ever find Norg on my own without it.) I camped in Sea Serpent Grotto, the Norg zoneline at my back, and shot sleep bolts at EP crabs. But the interesting part was that I wasn't the only person skilling there! One other person was there. Another Dark Knight. :) He was slightly lower level than me, and kept /kneel'ing to me. Hee. :) But the even better part: We actually worked together! We were nice and helpful to each other! It's so uncommon to find someone who is willing to play like that! We were both /WHM and so we kept tossing Cure II/III's on each other, didn't steal mobs, warned of incoming trains, etc.

I believe his name was Jet. Some three-letter word. I wish I had written it down... I suspect he was an American player, but I think we both thought the other was Japanese. :p Early on in the evening, some Japanese player trained to zone, and said something in squiggle as he ran. Jet replied with "hai". If he had really been Japanese, I bet he would have responded with more squiggles. And why did he think I was Japanese? Jet trained at one point and /tell'ed {I'm sorry.} to me though the auto-translator. Since the darned translator doesn't have anything like "It's okay" or "Don't worry about it", I (thinking he might be Japanese) replied with "ioio ^^". (Then I started worrying it was supposed to be "ieie" not "ioio", but I think "ioio" is right.)

So Jet and I worked together all night, talking only through emotes and auto-translator. While we worked together well, sadly the area really couldn't support two of us. Because of that, I nearly died at one point:

There were no crabs left to pull, so I had to go down into the "undead room" to get something. The problem is, if I used my bow while sneaking, sneak would fall. I asked on LS if offensive magic would do the same, and the answer seemed to be yes. I waited and waited, but there was too much undead and too few crabs, so my DRK brain came up with a "cunning" plan:

I'd go into a little room off the main undead room, a room with one crab and one undead in it. When the undead's back was turned, I'd bind the crab, the cast sneak back on myself, and run through the main undead room to the safe area. Once the bind broke, the crab would come to me! And I'd kill it! And all would be good!

Ha ha ha. While bind worked all night, this time it failed. The crab aggroed, and (with one eye on the undead), I cast sneak back on myself.

Thistle: Eek! Eek! (Yes, DRKs can go "Eek!")*casts sneak*
Crab: Not so fast, you! *hit*
Sneak: Sorry, I can't be cast while you're being hit! Ha ha!
Thistle: EEK! *casts Sneak again*
Crab: Swing batta-batta-batta! ...oops, miss!
Sneak: Darn! You weren't hit! Okay, you're snuck now!
Crab: Swing and a HIT!
Sneak: *falls off Thistle* Ha ha! You didn't know that being hit makes sneak fall? Sucker!
Thistle: *cries like a girl and runs*
Undead in little room: Buh? Where'd you come from? *raises voices* Hey guys! It's party time!
Undead #2, Undead #3, Undead #4: Yay! Dogpile on the Thistle!
Thistle: *run*run*run* I'm too young to dieeeee!
Undead #something: Not so fast! *casts Gravity*
Thistle's body: Slooowly now! Oh we're so heeaavvvy now. No more running for you!
Other Undead: *casts more, including aspir (ha ha, stupid undead), and various -gas spells (gah!).*
Thistle's HP: Bye bye bye! *falls into the red*

I /shouted and /say'ed for Jet to run, and headed for the zone. I zoned into Norg with 27 HP (out of the 750 I have). GAH. So close. I apologized endlessly to Jet and called it a night.

Other than that end of it, things had gone well. I got somewhere between 15-20 skill levels (I really should have checked before I started.) Maybe that will be good enough to allow me to hit in our XP parties. And if not? I'll go back another evening and have my revenge!
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