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"Hee!" and "Not hee!" (FFXI, FMA, Warriors series)

Holy cow, this is so well done! FFXi meets FMA! OMG, OMG, Mustang is so funny! He's my character model, but from Bastok! And Armstrong! *dies* (It had a long load time for me, but it is totally worth it!)

And on a semi-related note, after watching the FFXI opening movie for the first time in forever, I learned that I was pronouncing Bastok wrong. I was saying Bas-tock ("tock" as in tick-tock, rhymes with "cock"), but it's Bas-toooook ("toooook" as in, um... no word I know. Take "took" and extend it out really far and shove a U in there somewhere. Bastoooooouuuuk.)


I'm semi-embarrassed and semi-annoyed to report that I bought the last three books in the Warriors series. Why? When I'm hating the first three so much? Good question... While it's not a good story and I can totally see where most of it is going a mile off, I've read three books and I sort of want to be complete about it. It really makes no sense though, because the more I read it, the more it annoys me.

Fireheart, the main character, is not only perfect, he's psychic. I laughed out loud at that, because if he had ever applied for the character on my old MUSH, we would have rejected the character so fast his head would have spun. It annoys me to no end that a series of books could be written about him.

But worse is that these books are not books. They don't stand alone in any way, shape, or form. I swear, she wrote one long book and they just split it up into six smaller ones with no further editing at all.

But the worst is how the writer just won't resolve anything! Stupid Tigerclaws as the bad guy should have been resolved by the end of the first book! And yet in book three he's still around, no one knowing he's a bad guy other than our ever-so-perfect psychic hero. Grrr.

I can't believe this woman is writing another series set in this world. I suppose it's too much to expect that it'll be better than the current series...
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