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Shopping list (FFXI only)

Now that we're approaching 50, I sat down and plotted out what I'll need for the next 10 levels. 55 is going to be a big change, and about the only change. Weapons not included, since I tend to get a new scythe every few levels.

Only five slots will need new things between now and 60 (that doesn't seem right!).

* Body:

Royal Knight's Chainmail (level to use: 55) Def: 43, STR: 2, DEX: 2, Attack: 3

(Currently in Breastplate (40, Def: 32) need to upgrade to Banded Mail (46, Def: 36) now! Tonight! If Branded is as ugly as the Alla icon makes it look, I might switch to the checkerboard armor, as much as I hate that. Ugly stuff...)

* Ear:

Spike Earring (55) Attack: 5, Evasion: -5
(Current: Beetle Earring +1: Attack: 3, Evasion: -2)

* Hands:

Royal Knight's Mufflers (50) Def: 13, Accuracy: 3
(Can't recall what I'm currently wearing, but it's ACC +2 or +3. Must be less DEF though.)

* Legs:

Royal Knight's Breeches (55) Def: 30, STR: 2, DEX: 2, Attack: 3
(Current: Republic Subligar: Def: 13, VIT: 1, Ranged Attack: 5, Attack: 5)

* Neck:
Royal Guard's Collar (55) Def: 6, Accuracy: 4, Attack: 4
(Current: Spike Necklace: STR: 3, DEX: 3, MND: -6)

I'm trying to switch to more STR+/ATT+ and less ACC+ stuff (I have the life belt, two snipers, leaping boots, and other ACC+ stuff already, plus my +10 ACC food), but there aren't that many good ATT+ choices...

Surprisingly, and a little sadly, I'm going to get to learn fewer and fewer spells. Only two more until 60! Water II (48) and Aero II (54).
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