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I made this quiz, so I'm not cutting it! So there! Plus it's all text and no images, so it won't slow down your friends page loading.

I was hoping not to get that last answer. Heh. Oh well, take it today! And suffer the same fate that I did!

Your FFXI Experience!
Your FFXI name
Your weapon of choice is...
Complete this: Monkey is to stapler as Christmas is to...
You picked your first job because: You thought it would be a great way to pick up girls.
Your first partying experience was: A smashing success ...for the orcs!
Your secret goal in the game is: To make friends with the beastmen.
But what you'll actually accomplish: You'll meet and later marry a GM, and live happily ever after!
And in the end? You'll play so much that you'll eventually merge with your chair, and never be seen by real people ever again.
This cool quiz by Thistle - Taken 1 Times.
New - Help with love and dating!

(Okay, I've protested all the work I have waiting for me long enough. Back to work!)
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