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*frantic*frantic* Following others' lead: My list for Saturday. (FFXI only)

The CoP 2-5 mission is on on Saturday! It's only Thursday and I can hardly breathe! This is going to be the hardest battle I've ever been in in all of the game. So nervous, so nervous. Harder still cause you can only do it as a single party...

I've purchased 8 hi-potions already, plus have 1 from some old mission. I'd like 30 total, but might not have room for that many. (I wonder if we need any free spaces at all? Will anything drop that we need? Well, I guess I can go in 60/60 since the potions will vanish as I use them...)

Still need to buy:

* Some sort of "head armor". Whatever I had used before upgrading to what I'm wearing now.
* Some sort of "waist armor". What the heck had I used before my Swordbelt +1?
* Icarus Wing (check Jeuno)
* Reraise scroll.
* Some sort of Au Lait (look into types and see which I need. Persikos is best?)
* Eye drops/antidote/ear drops. Ear drops? Whatever the silence-remover med is called. (Edit: Echo drops)
* Whatever the best juice there is is. Will hammer my Absorb spells, thus will burn MP. Maybe a non-juice med would be better... (Edit: Going to go with ethers or hi-ethers. Need to ask about time delays between them. Same problem as hi-potions/x-potions?)

* Powers/oil on mule. Must move to Thistle.
* Food. If Jacks, then I have them. If sushi, then jump up and down on Aurian till she makes some for me to buy. :)
* Wolf Mantle +1 for back slot. Find it and have it on hand.
* Haste Belt (haste enhancement). Will switch out with normal belt.

Things to look into: Blink band (level to use?), reraise neck armor thingie (gorget, whatever).

Need to find and reread that comment from the DRK who did this mission. I didn't agree with everything he did, but some of it looked handy.

Need to find and MEMORIZE the messages for when the mobs change type. Stop hitting it when it gets to that hitting=healing it form!

Gah. This is going to be so hard. I'm so nervous I'll mess something up! *prints out post so I don't forget anything*

Need to check macros, too. Maybe ... maybe remove most of them so I can macro in item-use instead...
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