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Non-slashy religion, FFXI

(laurelwood, the station I mentioned in yesterday's post is FM 88.1.)

Even though I knew that the slash religious radio station doesn't play music in the mornings, I checked it out during the drive to work. Big, big mistake. Look what I learned:

1) If you believe in evolution, you will "live like an animal and die like a dog in the street". Exact quote. So everyone who believes in evolution is going to die in the street like a dog. Period. End of story. (But hey, if we know that in advance, couldn't we just avoid streets and thus live forever?)

2) Only "so called scientists" believe in evolution. Real scientists do not. BUH? BUH? BUH? If you want to believe in some god, that's fine with me, but to lie outright? To call "black" "white" and "white" "black"? To attempt to change reality to fit what you believe? That makes me mad.

Hearing stuff like this makes it harder for me to want to listen to the station even just for the music. I can't believe the lies that are spoken outright, as if they were truths. And how many people listen to this crap and smile smugly and nod knowingly? Gobbling down every word of it and fully believing it? Bah.


FFXI: What adventures we had last night! After a rough start and quite a bit of miscommunication, a group of us went to Riverne - Site #A01 to farm items needed for Saturday's mission. For some reason my mind was translating "riverne" as "ravine", so I was expecting a boring area something like a plain canyon. It was nothing, nothing at all like that. I was boggling from the first moment I stepped foot in there! (On and I saw the first cutscene of the 2-5 mission! Eeee! Such a fun storyline!) I won't spoil the zone for anyone who hasn't been there yet (which is likely just about everyone reading this), but I'm happy I got to go before the mission and see the odd stuff, instead of trying to look while we were "working". I foresee much confusion moving a big group through those "distortions" though; I'm glad I got to try them last night so I don't hold people up on Saturday while I try to figure it out.

If you don't mind being spoiled, here are two screenshots:

The scientific laws seem not to work there...

Hippogryph! They were such great-looking monsters! I wish I could have gotten a better shot of them. They moved so nicely! Like they were flowing across the land! And see the bright spot in the upper right hand corner? That's how we got into this land!

I only wish we could have stayed longer and killed more, but we had a late start. I'd love love love to go back there with a party and farm sometime. There were some big-money items dropping, and the fights weren't much of a challenge to a full party.
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