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Weekend update: Blah.

How the hell I have ?skip=250 after only a two-day weekend is beyond me. I'll never get caught up at this rate.

The weekend was highly busy and mega-stressful. I got almost no sleep either day (ugh) and what food I ate was crap (my best quality-wise meal of the weekend was pancakes. That should tell you something...).

I'm suddenly dying for sugar. Sometimes I have urges, but all I need to do is resist a little and they go away. But not now. All weekend (even now) I want to eat frosting. I want to buy a whole cake and just eat the frosting off. I've not had sugar in, what, going on a year, so why's it hitting me now? (Maybe it's just that I'm so darned hungry in general. 10:40, and I've not even had time for breakfast yet.)

As I said in the flocked post earlier, work is currently sucking. It hasn't improved since then.

FFXI is annoyingly busy. These CoP missions are insane. I wrote about the big fight on Saturday, but much of Sunday was spent running around the world just to see cutscenes. So so so so much story... I was stressed out of my mind, which might be why I didn't enjoy most of it (the Windy leg with the three troublemakers was the only part that I really liked).

We killed a NM as part of this running around, which was fun. (I like killing things, it's what I do. It just makes me feel right in the game.)

In an effort to cheer up the folks who hadn't succeeded in Saturday's battle, we went back to Riv-whatever Site #A749775012 (too busy to look up the name) and killed dragons and hyppogryphs. Was fun, and nice seeing the area again. Unfortunately it was not the money-making area I had told people it was (the $$$ drops were rarer than they should have been, I think...).

I did get some screenshots though! Nice ones.

Hyppogryph -- Mmmm. Finally, a good screenshot of one! Aren't they cool?

A closer look at its face. They looked sort of like Chinese dragons to me.

How they all ended up: Ha ha ha! They're sort of cute when they're dead, kind of like a sleeping cat.

This is where we were. Freaky, huh? The islands just hang in the sky, clouds above and below you. *boggle*

The mobs all had new (and very annoying) moves. This one kept amusing us:
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