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Whee. Tuesday.

Same old, same old. Work remains hell. Stress remains high. And it's raining. Again. Most years we get only a few days of rain in the whole year, but this winter it seems endless. So very sick of the rain.

Cheery post thus far, eh?

FFXI: I finally got done with all the CoP Mission "run around" (and a more apt term was never used). I suppose it wouldn't be a big deal for people who can be online all day, but when you have only a few hours online per day, the never-ending running from city to city just to watch cutscenes got highly annoying very fast. No exaggeration: You'd watch three cutsceens in Windy, then need to go to Bastok for one (which means airshipping into Jeuno, then airshipping into Bastok), then back to Jeuno for one, then to Sandy for two more, then back to Windy for another... I spent way too many hours last night just riding the airship from city to city.

Sometimes I pay for being a non-gamer who plays FFXI: Last night we did the "mountain leg" of the mission. (You have to spend an hour walking (not running, walking mode) up the side of a mountain, on a path that is (at the very best) as wide as you are. You can fall down, in which case you have to start over. There was a 60 minute time limit to do it in, and we just barely made it under the wire.) If you play in first person mode all the time, do yourself a favor and get used to playing in third as well; I did the whole trip in first, and I swear it was like doing the task with blinders on. (I couldn't switch to third though because I didn't feel like I had good control that way.) I suspect people who play lots of video games would have had a much much easier time of the task.

We saw some horrible new monsters on the way. Antlions: Cross between evil tick and giant ant! I had joked about them giving me nightmares, but then they actually did! They might be the worst monster I've encountered so far. They looked just like horrible ticks, with spikes all over them and much larger than me. I hate them, and want to go back and kill lots of them.

Walking the straight and narrow. A scene from our trip up the mountain. This was a wider bit of path, so I was able to pause and take a screenshot. Admire the back of Ead's spiffy RDM AF! And how Niala's PLD AF almost seems to shine in the dark! :p And heh heh, if this were real, Mithra would have such an advantage in this task! Those tails would be so handy! And they'd probably have balance to spare.

I need to look up info about that Pso'Xja place, so I can see how much trouble it'll be to do the next part there. Sigh. If only I were a few levels higher, I'd not get aggro in these places! I want to help on these tasks, not be a burden. Bah...

Edit: Gah. Just reading about Pso'Xja makes me want to cry.
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