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Baby it's COLD outside! (RL, anime, FFXI)

Happy birthday, Hyper! Sorry I'm late on this. I just suck. (But less so than you do. ;) )

Brrrr. So cold. So cold and so wet. Usually by now we'd have lovely 70 degree days, birds chirping, flowers blooming... but lately it's cold, raining, windy, and the birds are all naked and the flowers are long since washed away. Doesn't feel like California at all!

On top of all that, I'm sick. Blech. "Stomach troubles". I got maybe four hours sleep last night, tops. And no way could I call in sick to work today. *curls up and wishes for death... or 5 PM*

At least between the rain and being sick I couldn't walk today, cause with that little sleep I had zero energy.

But on to brighter things!

I can't believe my love for Naruto continues to grow; I keep thinking that can't grow any further, but then it does. Unsurprisingly, ep #126 was much more enjoyable subbed than it was raw. :p I really, really like the bone kid's (Kimomimoomimimomomimmomi's) history. And of course, seeing Zabuza and Haku again. (Rrr, I'd love to watch that story arc again if I had time, but it made me cry so much! Even repeat viewings of it! Don't want to cry.) Gaara's really great, too. Love his background. Fan-girl and pupper-guy I'm more "meh" about, but so long as Gaara comes along with them, I can put up with them. And is it just me (or the lack of his coat), but doesn't Kiba look so so so young?

I've not seen the last 10 or so Prince of Tennis eps, so perhaps I don't have a right to bitch about how the series is ending, but here I go anyway! Based on the preview at the end of Naruto, the final ep of PoT will be about Ryoma battling to get into the American Cup Tournament? Buh? Buh? Ryoma's whole goal in life was to beat his father, so why wouldn't the series end with that? Yes, there's no way that Ryoma should be able to beat him yet, but I'd be willing to accept them fudging that and letting him win, because at least the match between the two would be true to the series's spirit! Grrrr. Annoying PoT, I'm glad you're going away now! ...I just wish I didn't feel like I should watch these last eps, just to be complete about the series.

FFXI: After ages and ages of not leveling any craft, I decided to go back to it. Taking alchemy to 60 would be useful for my own personal needs, so I'm going to do that. (Playing a non-mage means you need an annoying amount of powers/oils to sneak with! Mages may bitch about the price of scrolls, but I bet they forget about all the "free" sneak/invisible they get. Reraise, too!) I got up to about 14 last night. Alchemy is (thus far) also the cheapest craft I've leveled by far. Amazingly so. And the best part? It looks like it'll continue that way, all the way to 60.

...ugh, settle down, tummy. We still have 8.5 hours left in the day! *runs AFK*
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