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Blarh. Hope I'm not getting sick. My nose has been running all morning and I keep sneezing. Hopefully it's "just" allergies and not a bug.

FFXI: Last night was a surprisingly busy night for a weeknight. I logged on intending to just farm the night away, and was reminded the "panty run" was happening.

(Note: As part of the new area, there are new quests and armor and such. To get some special job-related armor, you need to go kill things to get a special subligar (horrible things which just barly cover your crotch and leave your legs bare), then turn that special subligar in to get the job-related armor. This special subligar looks exactly like white lace panties when you wear it. That may be somewhat fine for female characters, but it's just horrible on male characters.)

The goal of the panty run was to get our wonderful Beanie panties; she helps with so much that it was our chance to help her in return.

To get the panties you need to get the armor for the job you play, you had to kill a fomor of that job class. So for Beanie to get ranger armor, she needed to get the special subligar dropped by a ranger fomor. Problem was, there were few ranger fomors, so we killed other kinds to pass the time... and panties kept dropping and dropping and dropping! (Doesn't that sound so wrong? Heh.)

Though the fomor many of us needed weren't even suppose to spawn in this area, most everyone ended up with the panties they needed! We even found one DRK fomor, and killed it, and I got panties! (Two more levels, then I can walk around in them and shock people. Heh heh heh.)

While it was lots of fun to kill the fomor, it was a long long night. We started as soon as I got home from work, and ended 15 minutes before I had to log off to go to bed. Zzzzzz.

But how about some pictures!

* Fomors look very, very cool. They're like undead PCs! They wear the armor we do, use weapons we use, even form parties like we do! So cool, so cool.

* This is how they really look. Evil, huh? The fomor in that first screenshot is wearing armor on his head, that's not his face. This one's face is bare. Mmmmm.

* I took tons of screenshots so that hopefully a few would be good. This one amused the heck out of me: Oh my god! It's EATING me! Looks like the darned thing chomped me in half! (I left this screenshot full-sized so that the details of the scene could be better seen.)

For non-players or players who haven't dealt with them yet: Fomor have one other interesting thing about them, and it's how hate/aggro is handled. When you see them for the first time, they totally ignore you (non-aggro). You can spend years with them and they'll continue to ignore you... unless you kill one. The more you kill, the more they'll hate you (aggro you, run up and attack you). Because we killed so many last night, we'll all have massive fomor hate. To clear that hate, you need to go out and kill other stuff.

That's a pretty cool and rather unique way of handling things, but I wish it was less unique. If you spend a day killing bees, you should get more bee-aggro for a few days. (Need logic behind that? You'd probably smell strongly of dead bees!) Well, either aggro or all bees should avoid you, one of the two...

Anyway, by the end of our night last night we were all falling asleep, but Beanie (and many others of us) got our panties, so it was all good! Yay!
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