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Full of news today... or full of rants.

I'm very, very glad the Boy Scouts keep those darned homosexuals out of their group. Nothing but normal straight people here!


Recall Todd Sklencar, the pharmacist who refused to fill the prescription for the emergency contraceptive medicine because he didn't personally believe in it? I've decided to use the same logic at my own workplace: No longer will I answer any phone or email support, as I do not believe in dealing with stupid people.

But why stop with just me? If your religion doesn't permit you to eat meat, well you darned well better not ring up any if you work in a grocery store or fast food place! Your religion doesn't permit unmarried men and women mixing without supervision? Then if you drive a taxi be sure to demand wedding licenses before you'll take a mixed-sex couple anywhere! Believe homosexuality is a sin? Demand that everyone you meet of the opposite sex kiss you as proof that they're not gay!


Johnnie Cochran died today and Jerry Falwell isn't far behind. While I try to value all types of life, I believe the world will be a better place without the two of them.
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