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Thinking out loud: FFXI

Two things:

1) Consider this: Summerfest + mining in Ifrit's Cauldron. *boggle* No potential XP loss, and free (and almost endless) sneak/invisible. I know I went there once, so hume males can get there (assuming the event happens as it did last year and assuming the partner-combos still give the same results). I am SO bringing stacks of picks, hatchets, etc with me if Summerfest happens the same as it did last year.

2) Alchemy. Over the weekend I had only my "skillup guide", not a full alchemy guide. Looking at it today, I just boggle at all the things I can make... and could make if I continue leveling it. (I'll take it up to 74 for sure, but if I level further than that I'll lose leathercraft levels.) I need to do some hard thinking and consider letting my leathercraft lower so I could take alchemy higher. The idea pains me (and my wallet) endlessly, but leather is doing so little for me now, and alchemy could be a constant in-flow of money... but. But. But. I worked so hard for every tenth of a point of leather! Paid tens of thousands of gil for every tenth of a point of increase! How could I ever consider letting that be erased?

I was pondering using my King Ranperre's Tomb key tonight (go there and kill worms for flint as I search for a chest), but I think I'll just drop the key instead. (If you get the item (war gloves, I believe) it's worth a couple thousand, but if you get the gil it's only 500-1000. Either way, it's not really worth spending potentially hours on.)

Instead I'm going to head to Giddeus and try my hand at harvesting (while killing bees and worms). This means I'll have to get my field armor off the mule...

It's so annoying to have only a couple hours a day to play the game. I hate all you people who have no jobs and so can play all day. :)
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