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Babbling brooks... and DRKs

FFXI only, and mostly just nervous/exciting babbling. :)

Very belatedly I saw Niala's post on the CTY site, and eee! I'm so excited about doing CoP 3.5! But even more importantly, I'm excited that I might be more useful than I am in other fights! I can stun every 45 seconds (assuming I keep my MP high enough), so hopefully I can keep the darned thing from ever using its Nightmare move.

Would you believe that someone (not on CTY) posted "who bring's DRK's to a BC??"? Gah! *sniffle* Abuse me all you like, but don't you go abusing my job!

From what I'm reading, this fight won't be as bad as 2.5, but the next BC fight looks much, much harder than both. Eek. It's a 50 level cap, so by hook or by crook I'll be 50 by then and can go, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to stay with the group after that. I doubt I'll be 60 in time to do the 60 cap one. ;;

I'm expecting to get Alchemy to 56 tonight. I don't really want to craft, but I bought like 40 poison flours (which don't stack) so I kinda need to use them up. Hopefully I'll get home and finished before the new moon hits (I think I will).

Ugh. I wish I'd stop stressing about FFXI. Once we get a tank for the static I'll be able to rest a little easier. (No responses to my post on the LJ Midgar comm, and only one LS person expressed interest on the shell.)

I really just need to settle down, mentally. I have this big feeling hanging over my head: I feel like I'm falling behind "everyone". But it's not a race! And if it was, I certainly wouldn't be fighting against people on the LS! It just makes me sad that I accept so much help but I can't give back as much as I'd like to. ("Oh, sure, I'll go help you all with X! ...just raise me after I die fighting the first one, 'kay?") Heh, you know, maybe we need to bring in more low level new members to the LS just so us middle-level folks would have people we could help. :p

Stress, stress, stress. I'm a little stress kitty. Meow!

Note to self: Still need to clear fomor hate. Go kill more things soon, and die at the end to eat the extra XP.
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