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Lost + FFXI screenshots and offer for Ead

Ead: Draque said you needed a whole bunch of minnows. Do you need more than I bought you on the ferry? I'm going to use alchemy to skillup goldsmithing, and I'm going to start with making minnows. Assuming copper ingots are cheap (I may or may not be wrong about that), I can make you a minnow for either 8 flint stones and 2 fire crystals or 1 glass fiber and 1 fire crystal (the first combo is likely cheaper). If copper ingots aren't cheap, I might need a little cash to cover them, too. Let me know!

Bossy ol' Aurian told me to post the screenshots I had, and since Thursday isn't a walking morning I had a little extra time this morning, so I edited and uploaded what I have.

Bard Aurian on the airship -- full sized + highest quality = big image. I was outside the ship near one end of it, and her playing music in front of the twilight sky made a nice image.

Tribes of fierce women! I wanted to change my moogle to Wolfgang but never found him, so used the mithra arcangel WAR chick instead. Hot and scary! What more could you want in a woman?

Pretty shot of the Dunes. The Dunes are so pretty and yet so full of annoying people. Here they are just looking pretty, no annoying people in sight.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I had to die a few times this weekend to lose enough XP to match up with my static party.

Raptor death! Funny that this one raptor killed me so much quicker than many other mobs working together. Must be the cool moves like this one! And doesn't the raptor look evil?

Curse the Yagudo! Eh, or die to them! This was another time I let the mobs kill me. It was taking forever so I finally took off all my armor to make it easier for them. :p Apparently one of the birds hit me in the crotch, because it appears to be glowing...

I got alchemy up to 56 or 57 last night. I say this with almost no exaggeration: All of alchemy 1-57 together is way easier and way cheaper than one single post-50 level of leather. It's even easier/cheaper than cooking, which is saying something. Amazing, isn't it? I've actually made money through much of the skillup path, and when I didn't make it, I either broke even or didn't lose much. With leather, I lost hundreds of thousands a level...

An ep about Jack, Claire, and Shannon. ...yay...

The more I see of Jack, the more I dislike and am annoyed by him. The whole "gotta be a hero! Gotta save everyone!" thing is just so ... ugh. Annoying. (How many times can I use the word "annoying"?) At least Sun was there to keep him a bit in control. (Yes, you idiot, give Boone unlimited blood of yours. It's not like anyone else on the island needs you!)

Now tell me, what in the hell does Sayid see in Shannon? Aside from maybe, maybe, maybe some sort of physical attraction, what in the world would anyone like in her? I hate her hair, I hate how she looks, and every time she opens her mouth I hate the words that come out of it. (What the hell? Was she trying to get him to go beat Boone up? Sayid is smart! What in the world is he doing with her worthless ass?)

And on the subject of Boone: Even in death, you manage to cause problems. Well done.

Claire: The only positive thing I have to say about her is that I don't dislike her as much as I do Jack and Shannon. Still, she's gotten so annoying, and every time Charlie is near her, he gets even more annoying than he otherwise is.

Add on top of all this that FFXI stuff made me miss the last five minutes (which looked like they may have been good/powerful) and the ep did nothing at all for me. After such an amazingly good ep as last week's was, having to sit through this one now was just... annoying.

Edit: What the heck? I didn't see a preview for next week's ep, but it's all over the Internet that

(Spoiler space.)

Sayid shoots Locke? WTF? That better not be really happening...

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