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Bored, bored, bored (RL stuff!)

I'm bored, so I'll post!

I've not mentioned RL stuff in a while, so here goes: Sleep is "better". After getting 2 hours one night and 4 the next, I got 6 hours the next night... then felt amazingly rested and didn't even want to sleep the next night (boggle)... so didn't. Then the next night after that I got 6 hours again and felt mostly fine. Maybe I'm just one of those people who can handle not getting much sleep. (Though on long vacations I do tend to get 8 hours a night.)

Food/"diet" is going well enough. Last week I lost a pound, then I ate so much last night (and salty stuff!) that I was sure I wouldn't lose any weight this morning, but I did. Two pounds, even! I keep telling myself that I don't need to stress every day over every bite. Just be reasonable and keep exercising and the weight will come off, but it's hard to keep believing that.

Exercise isn't perfect yet, but it's getting better. "Perfect" is walking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and doing weights Tuesday and Thursday. (The weekend is hopeless and I don't even attempt to do anything then.) I got Monday through Thursday done, but I wasn't going to walk this morning. (No matter that I would have had to call it off because of the rain, I just Wasn't Going To Walk, period.) So maybe next week I can get myself back onto the five days of exercise, then I can maybe add something new in from there.

Work's okay. There are many periods of "okay", but I never post about them cause that'd be boring.

I had the oddest FFXI dream last night. Myself and a party (donno who the other members were) were waiting to do a BC (non-players: BC = Burning Circle = boss battle). We had to climb up a snowy mountain to get there (long, hard, cold trip), and were waiting for our turn to go in. Micken and his party were in there ahead of us, and they somehow messed up the fight so had to run out of the BC. Because this was some special CoP BC mission-thingie, he somehow trained the mob out with him! Heh. My party scattered, running in every direction to try to avoid getting aggroed by it. (It sure was an ugly mob, a giant RL-ish totally white worm. Way bigger than any human, and slimy and ugly.) Poor Micken looked so lost and confused as to how it followed them out. Everyone else (from my party) wanted to blame him for training it out, but he was so cute when he was confused and he's, you know, him, so I kept telling them not to. :P

I wonder what Micken would think if he knew odd American women were dreaming about him? Heh.
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