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I wasn't going to post today, but who can resist a chance to rant!

Busy day. Wrote/moved/edited/fixed tons of code over on the new MUSH, with tons left to do. I'm so messed up: I'm happiest when I'm not just busy, but when I have a whole sea of work ahead of me! Unless it's job-work, then I'm just a big ol' slacker.

Link spotted on kalin_nestar's LJ: More than 900 evangelical Christians from 40 states gathered in Fort Lauderdale last week -- to celebrate their agenda's advance and to see how they can become "more effective agents of moral renewal in American culture," as a press release put it.

I know I keep asking the same questions every time something like this comes up, but: Why does one group assume their morals are the "right" ones? Or heck, that they're even in the right religion or believing in the right god? You want to live by your morals/beliefs, fine and dandy, but how dare you assume that what you believe should be what everyone else does!

I love this quote:

Evangelical Christians believe that a growing number of Americans are rejecting the "1960s counterculture" and are ready to return to a "Judeo-Christian moral consensus."

If the 60s counterculture was still going strong, would we have Bush in office? All the hatred we currently have? All the war? No, dear evangelical Christians, this us YOUR doing. Don't try to blame it on the rest of us.

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