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The weekend is over? Already? (RL, FFXI, anime)

Blarg. I actually got offline an hour early last night, and asleep a half-hour early, but six and a half hour sleep aren't really that much better than six. And the darned birds are starting to chirp before I have to wake up, which of course wakes me up. Silly birds, why can't you all sleep in? It's not like you actually have to go to work or something...

Though I didn't feel like walking this morning, I made myself go. Why? Cause when I walk, I lose weight. (Imagine that!) One pound last week, two the week before, and one the week before that. Tiny little steps, but better progress than backsliding. I need to go get heaver weights, but I hate going to the sports store. Maybe I'll go at lunchtime today...

I think I turned a corner on food stuff. Usually I watch cooking shows, endless cooking shows. Even when they're cooking stuff I can't or wouldn't want to eat, I watch them. (Cooking is like magic! You take this stuff that isn't a meal and you can somehow make it into a meal!) So on Sunday I was watching while eating lunch (pizza) and this guy goes "Ooooh, yeah. That's the sound skin should make when it's perfectly done!" or something like that. And man, my stomach turned so hard. Skin! Skin! Gah! Look down at your arm. That's skin. You want to eat that? *twitch* So that was the end of eating my pizza... (Edit: Rereading this, it seems unclear. New corner = not watching cooking stuff anymore.)

Actually it was a rather doomed weekend for pizza. Since I'm only one person, getting a pie means it lasts a few meals. After eating it for lunch, I reheated it for dinner, and as I was eating it a spider landed on it (!!!). Gak! So I tossed the rest of it out.

FFXI: Screenshots first!

Recall a few weeks ago we went to fight the fomor (undead PC-like things) for the special subligars? Since we hit 50 this weekend, I was actually able to wear mine! It was so amusing to shock my whole party. :P I even fought part of a battle in them! (I love how you can actually see my butt crack. Heh heh heh.) It's amusing as heck to walk around town wearing them. People stop running just to stare at (and /check) me. Heehee.

A week or so ago we went to kill some stuff so Aurian and Draque could catch up with us on CoP mission stuff, and I got a couple nice screenshots. This looks like a typical "tourist" photograph. Spiffy Ead and the surrounding area! Ead is a red mage dressed in full AF. RDM AF is pretty darned good looking. And here's the group! Chip and Niala are also in AF (black mage and paladin). Odd that Aurian looks taller than me in this shot, I don't think she really is...

So on Sunday we hit 50, which means big things. Luckily we had all the G1 items, so Ceh and I turned them in. (Non-players: Once you hit 50, every 5 levels you have to do a quest to be able to level the next 5 levels. A pain in the ass.) But even bigger than that, it means all the uber-confusing AF quests start. No exaggeration, but I ended up more confused after the LS explained it to me than I was before asking questions. :P I'm going to just plunge in and hope for the best. (I'm so afraid I'll use a key on a coffer but get a map or something instead of the AF I'm intending to.) I have two AF quests started: The level 52 item (which requires killing 3 "easy" (level 50-54) NMs), and the gloves one, which requires me going to EN to find a coffer (luckily I have a key already, but this is the one that scares me most).

I printed out the maps I'll need to get to the 3 NM one, so I can maybe snag people when they have time to help with that. (But first must buy a darksteel ingot! Need one for quest! Hasn't been a single on sale at Bastok yet.) I have no idea what I'm going to do about the EN one. I've only been there once before, so I know little about the area. I know there are gates and you need people to stand on switches to make them open? But I have no idea where those gates are. I'll research this after catching up with my flist.

Anime: I didn't watch as much as I had intended to. I had forgotten an issue which was partially the reason for me not watching as much as I had been: Oddly, sometimes I don't have the patience to just sit there and read the subtitles. I want to do stuff! Not just sit there like a lump! But anyway, watched two eps of Champloo (still like three behind), and watched the last HunterxHunter ep I downloaded (must download the rest). I had forgotten how much I enjoyed HxH, would really like to watch the series again.

I cleaned up Tivo, which meant mostly tons of anime. I watched maybe six Trigun eps (funny that I didn't like the series at first, now I almost love it), Fullmetal Alchemist (I think next week will be the Very Sad ep... both dreading it and looking forward to see how they'll edit it. And my love for Al's NA voice actor grows every week), and Gash Bell (love love love). I tell you, Cartoon Network is worth more to me than every other channel put together. This isn't even including the non-anime series like Teen Titans and Justice League, and the "fake" anime series like Rave Masters and ... um, the other Masters one, the one that mocks the CCG-animes.
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