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FFXI: April's update is posted

If you've not seen it yet, S-E has posted the stuff in this month's update.

I've read the list twice now, and I'm sort of ... not exactly disappointed, but "meh" about it. I see nothing big related to me, and nothing big that'll hurt me. (And the XP chart just confuses me. People are talking about various ways of reading it, but to me it looks like the end number to reach 75 remains the same. Some people are saying it's the area under the line that counts, but...)

The "low level armor storing" thing is nearly useless for me. Can't store HQed stuff? Can't store signed stuff? Well, just about every set I use has at least one item that's one or the other...

I just read through the list again, and I'm really almost confused at how little there is that will impact me. Maybe one of the new items will be something I need? Maybe one of the new synthing/desynthing recipes? Who knows...
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