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Just, you know, stuff... (FFXI only)

Yesterday was one of those days where I spent the whole day at work thinking "What the hell am I going to do online [FFXI] tonight?". I had nothing I had to do, and nothing I really wanted to do... which usually results with me logging on and standing in my mog house, bored and frustrated.

Then work got busy and I couldn't even spend time figuring out something to do, so I ended up at home, on FFXI, and still without anything at all to do.

So I decided to do something I hadn't done in a long while: Deal with taking supplies to outposts that I hadn't done yet. I checked my list and the map, and found there were three of them. One would be easy enough, one would be hard as heck, and the last I had no clue about so I skipped.

Going to West A-Whatever Desert (stupid Alla being down, how can I spell these names without checking with you?) was easy: Teleported in (no ant waiting on the point to kill me this time!), ran to town and grabbed a bird, then rode to the outpost. Warped home/

Yug-whatever Jungle (the harder jungle -- harder mobs and harder to spell!) one was more challenging. Flew in, grabbed a bird... and the first challenge was finding my way from one jungle to the other (never had on my own before). Once I did that, it was pretty easy finding the outpost, except it was surrounded by really nasty mobs. Eek! Enough of them so I really couldn't dismount without danger, but my bird-timer was running down, so I chanced it. Dismounted, turned in the supplies, warped out as a tonberry turned to look at me. No death! Yay!

Cape Tarragon (misspelled, I know) was the one I had no clue about. Didn't know where it connected or if I could ride a bird into it. I should research that today...

Luckily that Swords Fest thing started up, so I used that to kill time the rest of the night. Oh, and used it to run a mule to Jeuno, too. If you'd like to move a mule there in an effort-free (and aggro-free) way, check out my post here.

Tonight I'm going to make arrows. Tons and tons of arrows. Hopefully it'll keep me busy long enough. :P
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