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So much to do, so little time!

I didn't get to catch up with my flist yesterday, so I have like 450 posts to read today (on top of a busy work day). Blech! I might never catch up! *rush rush*

FFXI: Oh, where to start? Friday we did our "subjob and other jobs" static group. We have no WHM, so we always have to find a random one. This week's was a winner. I /telled him one thing (something simple like "Hello! Would you like to party?") he agreed, so I added him to our party. His first comment?

"lol" indeed. Ugh. He actually went downhill from there, with gems including:

Also, we had the joy of learning that his "airship virginity" was lost on his trip with us. *boggle* Thanks for the information, dude... At least he played WHM well, and so we actually had a good time in the jungle. (Beardy jumpy Bara joined us, filling in for the missing Ceh. Yay! He rocked! He was like a puller on crack! :) I wonder if all DRG pullers are insane? I hear the same stories about Aurian. ;) )

What'd we do Saturday? Oh, I think I made arrows all day. Arrow till my eyes crossed. But boy, do I have to love rangers! Because of them, I was able to make my biggest purchase ever:

My Lu's hadn't even sold, but because of all the arrows I sold I was able to (just barely) get it! *boggle* So after another day or two I took my Lu's down from auction (lost 50,000 in AH fees *sob*). I may never fish again, but at least I have my special rod. *snugs it*

I think I made arrows all day Sunday, too? Oh, right, I was sick as a dog RL so lost much of the day to being in bed. Made arrows around that. (No main job static, since Ceh was on vacation. That actually worked out really well, since I was way too sick to party but would have forced myself to anyway.)

Monday I called in sick and... you guessed it! Made arrows! (At least part of the time, anyway.) I spent much of the day farming for scorpion parts (for arrowheads) and crystals (for arrows). Yes, my life has come to be nothing but making arrows, but at least the money is good!

It's actually kind of fun, starting from almost no money. (Right after I bought my Haub, I almost didn't even have enough for listing fees at the AH! I thought I was going to have to farm and vendor the drops just to get enough for fees! Heh.) Arrows have been very, very good to me since then, and I'm no longer poor. It actually amazes me how much money I've made in such a short time (I'm almost up to 500K in just over 24 hours *boggle*boggle*) Which has lead me to a decision:

I know I decide on this issue all the time, but I'm finally making it based on facts instead of feelings: I will NOT continue leveling leather. Ever. Not one single more level. Not only that, I will let its level drop as I level woodworking. Why? Because even without HQing, I make more in one day of woodworking than I do in a year of leather. Leveling leather past 60 was a mistake, so now that I know that, why continue the mistake?

And related to that: I need to get out of my contract with the leathercrafting guild. Today. I have 18,000 guild points there (*cringe*), but I need lumberjack very very badly, thus I need to contract myself with the woodworking guild. I'll buy one of those very stupid support belts (10K GP) and I guess I'll get 8,000 GP worth of signing crystals. That'll take forever to buy (since you can only get them one by one and have to go through like three menus to get each one), but...

And then: More arrows!
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