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The stupidity never ends...

PokeMUSH has been closed how long now, and yet the people who apply (ignoring the "WE'RE CLOSED! SEND IN NO APPS!" postings to do so) are just overflowing with stupidness. Once more, an idiot has copied an example app off our site and submitted it as their own. Allow me to repeat that: We post apps as examples. On our game's official web site. Someone copied one, changed the name, and submitted it as their own work. And best of all? It was an app I wrote. Ha. Idiots. And even better? This person submitted it ten times in under 24 hours.

I guess I can thank them for the snicker, if nothing else. Idiots.


FFXI: I spent lunchtime closing out my accounts at the leathercrafting guild. Over 18,000 guild points to deal with, and nothing I wanted or needed. I bought 8K worth of signing crystals. (Yay. Now I have 7 stacks (or partial stacks) of crystals which will clutter up my safe or storage. Yay.) I was going to spend all 18K on crystals, but I got tired of going through all the menus for each single crystal. (Seriously, to get one crystal: Hit enter twice to scroll through text, down arrow on a menu, enter to confirm, down arrow on menu, enter to confirm, pick a crystal from a list, get shown a picture (hit enter to confirm), enter again... end of transaction. Repeat for each crystal, unable to buy more than one per transaction.) Though it's worthless to me, I spent the last 10K points on the "25 charges of imaging support" belt. I live in Sandy and can go to the guild for support anytime, and the belt is just imaging support, not advanced, so it's really worthless... but at least I was able to use 10K points in ... well, 10 or so clicks.

And I tell you, never was I so happy to end my contract with a guild. I won't miss the leathercrafting guild one bit, not one little bit.

So I trotted over to the woodworking guild next and signed up with them. Turn-in was maple tables (yay, something I could make), so I turned in my limit of them and made just over 2,000 GP. Only 8,000 more to go to get lumberjack!

I've never even used lumberjack yet, and I'm in love with it already. :P I make so much lumber, it'll have to be a good thing for me.
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