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Paragon of Dark Knight Excellence!

RL first: Slept a little more last night, but woke up with a massive headache. Ow ow ow. Hungry enough to eat my desk. *gnaws on LJ post*

There! Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to...

FFXI: We won! We won! Heehee. We won the DRK AF3 fight, and not only did I get my rocking dark knight spiffy angsty horny helmet, I got a wonderful title, too! "Paragon of Dark Knight Excellence" Eeee!

Someone on Alla had commented on the mission, saying that getting to the location was harder than the actual fight, and I felt that as well. My only stress/worry came from trying to keep up with my party while herding 7574375017401 cats. (Sure I get lost easily, but I had never been to most of the floors of the Tower, so I didn't want to lose sight of my party... but I couldn't handle the endless /tells while running!) As far as I could tell, I didn't get aggro on any floors we went to; I used a pinch of powder when we arrived in Upper, but I don't think it had been necessary. (Yes, I was actually too busy to check the monsters as we ran by them.)

The fight itself was actually too easy. I only got a couple swings in on the main mob (a Weapon), and got maybe one swing in on one of the bones, and the other was killed before I could run there. Hurray for our rocking LS! :) It's just amazing how many people show up when help is needed. I love everyone so much!


Unfortunately I can't wear my new head armor for ten more levels, but I'm happy for Ebin who can wear his really soon!

Tonight I must do nothing but make arrows. Catsoup is out of arrows to sell, which is sad. (I have a hard time making them fast enough to get a stockpile on him, and since I was a slacker and didn't make any last night, he's out.) I have two more big purchases to make (one about 600K and one about 700K) then I'll be set for the next while. I have just barely enough money to make the smaller purchase, but I decided to wait because I didn't want to drop down to nearly zero again.

Hopefully I'll be able to get my Lumberjack key item today, which will make making arrows much easier.

And in closing, here's a screenshot! Awwwww, we're about to kiss! Jaide is such a fun player, so good-natured about all that stuff. It probably helps that we're both girls playing male characters. :P
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